Humanoid robot from JAPAN

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Japanese are ahead from the rest of the world when it comes to robots. As they possess one of the leading robotics industries in the world, they have come out with the latest robot which is humanoid robot. The Institute of Industrial Technology Agency has developed a robot which is the closest to human behavior. It is so amazing and what more important is the robot herself will soon strut her stuff down a Tokyo catwalk. Humanoid Research Group of the Intelligent System Research Division headed by Chief Research Group Mr Kazita Syuuzi and the Chairman of Institute of Industrial Technology Agency, Mr Hiroyuki Yoshikawa has developed a humanoid robot. The humanoid robot code-named, HRP-4C has a height of 158cm, weight 43kg (including battery) and achieves the walk and behavior which is very close to that of a female and also has a voice recognition device to respond to human commands. This female robot is so stunning and she has the same weight with me but I’m shorter than her. Basically the idea of inventing this robot was for application in the entertainment industry. It is also to be made available for fashion shows. I have always into robots and I like this girlie-faced or manga-inspired robot with shoulder length hair-do. Based on what I have read from other sources in web, this cute robot is not going to take any supermodels or models job anytime soon because of her stiff performances on the runway. Therefore, all models no need to worry about being replaced by this multimillion dollar robot. This robot will cost you approximately $US3million in case you wish to have one of your own.

raise awareness to save the earth

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today from 8.30pm until 9.30 pm (Malaysia time) is the earth hour. So I'm actually reminding you guys to raise awareness about the issue of global warming. So please bear this in your mind. During the earth hour please turn off all your lights and everything that require electricity. You're not going to die without electricity for merely one hour. Earth hour is a global, voluntary, lights-out event taking place today from 8.30-9.30pm in Malaysia. For other countries, it will be from 8-9pm. The idea is just about how to save energy. Earth hour is a global event so everyone will take part on it and that everyone is only those who care and has sensitivity. Organizers hope the initiative will encourage people to be more aware of their energy usage, knowing that producing electricity pollutes the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels which are contributing to global warming. In fact, this whole idea will be a step in solving problem of rising temperatures around the globe. You can switch to alternative energy sources during earth hour. You can burn your candles during the earth hour. So everyone, let’s support this event by switching off your lights tonight.

Seven Pounds

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I know it was premiered in USA last year but then it was premiered in Malaysia last month on 26th. I watched this movie. Frankly, it is kind of boring. The reason why I watch this movie, first thing first because of Will Smith. For me, he is one of the actors who always get to play good role in a movie or should I say he only chose the best role? I watched him in "I am Legend", "I-Robot"; "The Pursuit of Happiness" and other movies and he never failed to connect me with his character. He is one of the good actors. Secondly, I read Rosario’s interview in a magazine. She said she tried all her best to make sure that she’s going to be part of this film. She auditioned for Emily’s role and when she got it, she studied the character so much including went to see a patient who has heart condition just like Emily. However, after seeing this movie my level of satisfaction is lower than usual. Maybe because this movie is quite slow and I do not really understand the plot. I do not see the climax of this story. Will portrayed as Ben Thomas, a man who is clouded by his past mistake and wants to make amends by helping completely seven strangers. He was the one who killed seven people including his fiancée in a car crash. I do not really get the idea of how he wanted to commit suicide and give his vital organs to these people. As for me, I do not think it’s a good idea to commit suicide just because you’re guilt-ridden. But I do agree that this movie touched my heart because it is very sad. Eventually Ben fell in love with Emily who has severe heart condition. He decided as her condition worsened, he will make the donation right afterward. In the end, I actually noticed two funny things in this movie. One is that when Ben committed suicide, he went to the bathtub and let himself stung by a jellyfish. As far as I know, if we were stung by a jellyfish, our organs are not fit for the transplant as it is a poison. How did he donors his heart for a heart transplant? Then, eye transplant only replace the cornea not the iris. The question is how did the blind guy (forgot his name) changed his eye color to brown when his eyes is actually in blue color. I think these are basic knowledge where you do not even need to do research. Perhaps the director has reason to do so.