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Sunday, September 7, 2008

here is picture of Clothes over Bro's store after the robbery..
yes..the new season of One Tree Hill already started this September 1st on CW ...and I'm so excited for the new season..its a big yeah..!! I've already watched the 1st episode and it's like's Leyton again!! yeah..i always love Lucas to be with Peyton but not Lindsey..and i do not have problem if he chose to be with Brooke as well but not Lindsey..she's a good and pretty woman but the thing is why Lucas? well,forget about it now because the question is answered know back in the finale episode of season 5 where Lucas called a girl and asked her if she wanna get married tonight? and it's Peyton! oh i love it when they're back together because i knew Lucas always love Peyton..true love always but this is just the beginning..a lot more can happen in the upcoming i couldn't jump to a conclusion just yet..haha..i always hate the so-called hot nanny Carrie in the previous season and i hate her more in this season..what the heck is she doing with dan? pretending to be his nurse but you're torturing him just to get Jamie back to you? oh my much i hate you..and i really hope there's nothing more of her and Nathan..i love Naley(Nathan + Haley)..they're just the sweetest couple ever in one tree hill...whatever it is, I'm so excited for the next episode..can't wait for it..i read the spoilers that Jamie catches Skills and Deb kissing..oh gross! deb probably ruined Jamie's mind..ahahah..and poor Brooke..her Clothes Over Bro's store is all messed up after the robbery ..and oh not to forget the major character will be leaving tree hill..and it might be Mouth..and I'm actually hoping there will be more of Brooke and Chase..i love Chase or to be exact Stephen Colleti..i love him since i watched him in Laguna Beach 1st n 2nd season..oh i really really need to watch the next episode of tree hill..ahhah

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Nick said...

nice blog, Whibley!

My mom is so upset, she missed what happened to Brooke on OTH! She also likes Prison Break, and they are on at the same time this year, so she keeps flippin back and forth, but misses stuff.


whibley said...

hey thanks a lot ya..oh i think i'll be just like ur mom if i miss the episodes too..prison break is cool too but i dont really follow it..huuhu..hehe