Storm Warriors 2

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I went to watch it yesterday. Well it was fun. I’ve been waiting for this movie and I’m glad that finally I went to watch it. The CGI was superb even though they were some parts seems not real but I don’t mind at all since it was adapted from story arc. However they were few unnecessary parts and also few unexplained parts or dare I say many. They didn’t explain much about the dragon bone and also what happened to Heart, Nameless and also Lord Wicked in the end. You can’t expect people to understand the whole complex characters as not all of the people have read the books. One more thing I’m totally not satisfied was the ending. Oh Cloud died at the end? I am flabbergasted. I really like him but why must he died in the end? The movie ends abruptly. I still wish he’s still alive. Maybe there would be another sequel after this. I don’t know.

I found the movie quite funny in times because the movie reminded me so much of Naruto anime. I really like the anime and when I saw Ekin Cheng a.k.a Wind in the movie turn to evil, it was somehow like Orochimaru. Anyone? Any Naruto lovers who watched the movie? What do you think? His eyes and long hair just like Orochimaru. I guess he would be perfect for Orochimaru character if the anime were to be made into a movie. But please don’t make movie for that anime. I don’t want them to ruin the anime like they did to Dragonball.

Anyway back to the movie, I don’t really like the idea of changing Chu Chu to another girl. I think Shu Qi was perfect for Chu Chu not this new girl. I don’t like Charlene Choi a.k.a Second Dream in the movie too. I just think the character wasn’t necessary at all and somehow she reminded me of Sakura from Naruto by which I don’t like. I hate the part where she interrupted the duel fight between Cloud and Wind. Cloud didn’t kill Wind because he has no heart to do so but eventually he died. Oh gosh.

The part when Wind was completely out of control as he was somehow possessed by the evil spirit also reminded me of Sasuke. Vey much alike that I once thought I was watching Naruto. Nah, maybe I was too fond of Naruto anime that I resemble them with characters in this movie. It’s crazy..!

I also hate the corny lines like
“Why didn’t you kill me in the first place?”
And some other more..I just couldn’t remember the exact phrase but the one where Nameless says like Cloud skills aren’t developed yet and also the conversation between Second Dream and Wind.
I just think Second Dream and Chu Chu characters weren’t necessary at all.

Overall as a whole this movie was not so good. If you like action type of movie you should go and watch it as it was packed with action, not to mention loads of good CGI but not the best still. Good costume and music (but sometimes too much). But if you’ve seen Storm Rider before, I don’t think you’re going to like Storm Warriors that much. For me Storm Rider was still the best. I first watched it when I was 10 years old and now I still keep the DVD. Love the first movie as the story line was much better and I still love Cloud. =]

Almost killed a cat

Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh. I just hit a white cat. I was driving fast but not really fast but I was driving on the fast lane where suddenly this white cat popped out in the middle of the road and next thing I knew I hit the cat. I’m pretty sure that I hit it so hard that it gave me a sudden shock because I thought the cat is dead. I remembered pushing my brake pedal so hard but it didn’t help to avoid hitting it. A few seconds later I saw the cat frightened but I didn’t stop my car to look for it. I should have at least go and look for it or even send it to a vet or something but I didn’t. I just couldn’t go out because it’s night. I’m glad that I didn’t kill it but I felt so bad for hitting it. It was like I killed a human being. It happened so fast that I didn’t remember to turn my car or do something else to avoid hitting it. I felt remorse for not even go out and look for it. What a cold bitch I was. What if it’s somebody’s cat and I’m sure the owner must be really mad at me for hitting the cat one and second for leaving the cat just like that. I’m so sorry and I never intended to do so. When I got back, I noticed that 2 numbers from my plate number are gone and I could imagine how injured was the cat seeing my plate number like that. Oh poor you Kitty and I just want to say I’m really sorry for what I did and I hope you are going to be okay. I hope I’m able to sleep well tonight.

Leighton Meester "Somebody to Love"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I don't know but I think she desperately needs to change the image.
I love her but what happened to her now? Her music itself sounds pretty good to me even though not the live version. She can't really sing well in live. I'm not glad with how she's like selling her body and not her music. I know she's hot but hello? That's got nothing to do with the song. Why don't people just let her sell her music and not her sex appeal. But what to do, sex appeal does sell.

Priscilla Ahn

She is an American singer-songwriter who has such an angelic voice..She's pretty too since her mother is Korean. She sings folks and acoustic songs basically.

try check her out: