LED Matrix for Halloween

Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm excited when I read this post in Hack A Day website, 70 LED matrix in a Jack-o-lantern style. Well it's not because of Halloween's coming. I don't celebrate Halloween. Ngeh.

But because we had to do the exact same thing for our project sans the pumpkin of course. We have already submitted and presented the project. It was a project of 2 persons under the Digital System Design and Microprocessor Based System Subjects.

Here's how Hack A Day futuristic pumpkin look like displaying Happy Halloween in matrix sytle:

Pic Credit: Hackaday.com

Well if you want to see more or learn more, there's a tutorial at the site and video as well.


Who knows you might wanna do it for this coming Halloween. ;)

Here's what our project look like:

Well I don't have video of this one. Please note that we didn't purposely choose the LEDs in different color. We only used what were given to us. ;) We have to display our name and matric number.

See my name's there, Far..okay, it's Farah actually.

But you can't display it as a whole since that's only 6x12 LED matrix.

But if you put it in a marquee style, you can totally see it.

In HackADay site, they have used microcontroller to write the code. We only used Microp software, Easy68K. The coding is super long, so I'm not gonna put it in here. We need to use decoder as well, so we need to use one decoder of 3x8 74LS138 for the rows of 6 and 2 decoder of 3x8 74LS138 for the columns of 12.

P/s: Maybe it's a good idea to put our project in something like pumpkin. ;) It looks cute anyway!

Piano Stairs

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Piano Stairs from Ibrahim Nergiz on Vimeo.

They called it 'The Fun Theory'.
Well if you ask me, I would definitely take this stairs everyday if they make it like this one.
I mean it looks cool and so much fun, I don't mind to try it..

What's the point of having technology if you don't want to use it right?
Escalators and elevators always beat stairs anyway.
But if they were to make stairs sound like piano, people will have the curiosity to try it once and even play with it just like in the video.
It will increase the numbers of people who will use stairs instead of elevator and escalator. ;)

Besides, whenever I take public transports like LRT, I always opt to use stairs instead of escalator or elevator. I don't know why but I love stairs.
But please note I don't take stairs to go to my daily classes. My classes are all at level 3 or level 4. I only take it if I'm super late, no time to wait for the elevator. ^-^

P/s: I'd love to try this piano stairs for fun, you know how much I love piano. ;)

I just have to blog this..;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pic Credit: The Googly Gooeys.tumblr.com

Don't you guys think it's true? I always do that..I'm a procrastinator. It's indeed the easiest thing to do. And yeah Internet is evil..One minute you decided to do lab report or assignments, next thing you know, you're surfing the internet. You'll always find something new there. ;) Can't help it.

P/s: This is my current obsession to check the facts in googly gooeys. :)

The Pretty Reckless

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I don't really like Taylor Momsen as Jenny in GG, in fact I'm not a fan of her. But I do like some of her band's songs like Make Me Wanna Die, Zombies, and Miss Nothing. Even though I don't really like her, I still enjoy her songs. She has a good voice. I mean she's only 16 but she has this rough strong voice that's perfect for the songs. She can even sing live and her acoustic version is awesome. But please note, that she might annoy you when she's trying so hard to be someone else. I don't know, Courtney Love anyone? Maybe it's just me but it seems like she's fake. No offense. But I do respect her no matter what. We can't judge a person just like that, can we??

So here's the song. Make Me Wanna Die. She did cover a song by Rihanna "Love The Way You Lie", I have to say I like this version better considering I don't like Rihanna. I'm not even a fan of her hit song "Umbrella". But I do know everyone has different view about it. So it does not matter anyway. ;) Enjoy

The acoustic version:

The cover song:

P/s : For a girl at her age, I think she puts on too much make up. But hey whatever, it's not like she's bothering me or what. haha ;)

Define gentleman

Monday, October 25, 2010

Well it depends on how you define it but let me list what I think of gentleman

1) When you walk and you see group of women or even a woman is walking towards your line, you move to the next line like you're giving way for them to walk.

2)When you wanna go out in a train, bus, class or anywhere but there's a woman wanna go out at the same time, you let them go first.

3)When you're in public transport, you give seat to a woman who needs it most. I would not ask you to give up your seat if you think you need it.

4)When you see a woman, or group of women who need help, you go and help them.

5)When you're really mad at a woman, instead of yelling, you talk slowly to them i.e. you're able to curb your anger. In fact, don't lose your temper to anyone you like or hate for that matter.

6)When you go to the class for presentation that has no specific turns for presenters, and whenever you want to present, at the same time you see a woman who wants to present as well, meaning here both of you stand up at the same time, you let the woman presents it first!! or at least if you're in a hurry, say something and apologize.

There are actually like thousands of them on how you define gentleman. But you know these little things do take parts as well. And I think little things like this show that you actually care.

I'm sorry if I sound mad but yeah I'm quite mad today seeing oh-not-so gentlemen. ;(

It irks me that there are very few true gentleman remaining these days.

P/s: Some things just touch you so deep.

Journey Ends Nowhere

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here's a song by Oh Chentaku feat Yuna.
~one of my fav local acts other than 7collar t-shirt.

you said be patient, and I'm waiting for you to step aside, you know it's hard to comply with this
settle down, settle down, before the sunset roses and kill these final pieces
well i know you are by yourself, but you can always spin the circles and,
please don't kill the laughs, no please don't kill the laughs

trust me!
distance is nothing, being far from the eyes
heart is what we should hold on to, we should hold on
why can't i feel anything from anyone other than you, I'm sorry?

take me to somewhere i can live merrily, marry me and I'll work it out
i promise you, you'll be ecstatic!

the world is rotten and sick, this i know, sometimes you wonder why, should i go?
before we're blindfolded to nowhere, to nowhere seriously
now i see why, now i see why you were always saying about chances and the unwise,
you see, you never loved me truly; you were chasing opportunity

we've been together for quite sometimes, I'm not leaving you girl, it's just for a short period of time, embrace our laughs, embrace our sweetness mutually, embrace the fights, embrace the luck and the fall, we're meant to be together.

for some reason, i know you might have second thoughts, you might judge the relationship, maybe it should get better or it should switch the other way around, maybe there is something more in front of us, maybe we weren't supposedly to see each other.

but I don't give a fuck anymore. i still love you right?

My heart says the same

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Because it's...
It's sort of everything,
and it's nothing.
I mean, when I think of my life
and who I am...
I guess I'm just struggling
to believe in it all, you know?
That good things
will happen to good people,
that things will work out,
that it gets better.

We all struggle.
It's part of life.
It's part of living.
Do you have anybody
that can help you
while you struggle?

And that's the worst part --
the loneliness.
A crushing, black loneliness
that makes me feel like --
like there's no magic left
in the world.

I know
the future is scary.
I know the world
can be threatening.
But you should know
that sometimes when things
seem most the desperate,
people find you.
Help is out there.
And you are not alone.

~We All Fall Down (One Tree Hill, Season 8)

A student's life...;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Well I've been MIA due to my numerous workloads. I hope I can survive this semester. Only few more classes left before the final exam. Let's us pray to do our best in our exam.

Here is an interesting images I've got in my tumblr. It's soooo truueeee after all..I love it..!! ^-^

Every New Semester:

After First Week:

After Second Week:

Before the Mid-Term Test:

During the Mid-Term Test:

After the Mid-Term Test:

Before the Final Exams:

Once Get to Know the Final Exam Schedule:

7 Days Before the Final Exam:

6 Days Before the Final Exam:

5 Days Before the Final Exam: image

4 Days Before the Final Exam: image

3 Days Before the Final Exam: image

2 Days Before the Final Exam: image

1 Day Before the Final Exam: image

The Night Before the Final Exam: image

1 Hour Before the Final Exam: image

During the Final Exam: image

Once Walk Out From the Examination Hall: image

After the Final Exam, During the Holiday: image

Regret Curtain

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~They say you shouldn’t regret over your past but I’m regretting every bits of my past for not being able to grab the chance I once had. I'm quoting this as a reminder for myself

“Stop and appreciate what you have today. Look at what you have with wider eyes, maybe with more compassion and more gratitude for the things that you do have and not the things you don’t have.” ~ Michael Imperioli

Breathe Again

Monday, October 4, 2010

Here's the song from Sara Bareilles' latest album, Kaleidoscope Heart. I've first heard the song in one of TVD's episode and I quickly recognized Sara's voice. I was like "This is the new song of her" since I practically know all of her songs. Well honestly I didn't know she already launched her new album last month. Haha. I've got the whole album now but I'm too lazy to put my review. Let's just say I like this song among all. Others would be "Hold My Heart", "Not Alone", "King Of Anything" and etc. Go check her latest album if you're her fan or maybe if you love playing piano using her song. =)

Car is parked, bags are packed, but what kind of heart doesn't look back
At the comfortable glow from the porch, the one I will still call yours?
All those words came undone and now I'm not the only one
Facing the ghosts that decide if the fire inside still burns

All I have, all I need, he's the air I would kill to breathe
Holds my love in his hands, still I'm searching for something
Out of breath, I am left hoping someday I'll breathe again
I'll breathe again

Open up next to you and my secrets become your truth
And the distance between that was sheltering me comes in full view
Hang my head, break my heart built from all I have torn apart
And my burden to bear is a love I can't carry anymore

All I have, all I need, he's the air I would kill to breathe
Holds my love in his hands, still I'm searching for something

Out of breath, I am left hoping someday I'll breathe again

It hurts to be here
I only wanted love from you
It hurts to be here
What am I gonna do?

All I have, all I need, he's the air I would kill to breathe
Holds my love in his hands, still I'm searching
All I have, all I need, he's the air I would kill to breathe
Holds my love in his hands, still I'm searching for something
Out of breath, I am left hoping someday I'll breathe again
I'll breathe again

P/s: I love the lyrics. =)