scarlett johansson is singing?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Have u guys watch the video? Well the video is great but Scarlett’s singing? Where am I? Which era am I? Yeah...i do appreciate her as an actress.In fact,I’ve watched all her movies.Just name it,The Other Boleyn Girl,Black Dahlia n etc.just to name a few.
But I just can’t accept the fact that she’s trying her luck in singing. Its not like Scarlett’s voice is sucks but I do not really like her voice. Or maybe it’s not her voice but the music itself. I don’t know much about music to say that the music is not working. Who am I to say that? I don’t even study music, I’m an engineering student.haha...I’ve watched this video a couple of times because I thought it might affect my liking though it is not. You know, sometimes we did not like the song just because that was our first time listening to it. But after we listen to it every single day, we’ll eventually like it and it’ll become our favorite.However, this is not applicable to Scarlett’s song. I have no idea what’s wrong with me but I totally think the song does not suit her at all. There are few people who like Scarlett’s song but there are few of them who did not like it too. I guess this is just so common as she’s trying something new. So it is still new to us that we cannot even accept it. Not ‘we’, but I am the only one who felt that way..haha.. I have no idea who told her that she can sing because it seems like she just cannot. No offense Scarlett. This is just my own opinion. I still love you as an actress and all of us still love to see you in screen especially guys! Haaha. I think you should just focus more on your acting career alone instead of singing.

hellboy II : the golden army

Sunday, July 27, 2008

here is the synopsis:
Synopsis: With a signature blend of action, humor and character-based spectacle, the saga of the world's toughest, kitten-loving hero from Hell continues to unfold in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Bigger muscle, badder weapons and more ungodly villains arrive in an epic vision of imagination from... With a signature blend of action, humor and character-based spectacle, the saga of the world's toughest, kitten-loving hero from Hell continues to unfold in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Bigger muscle, badder weapons and more ungodly villains arrive in an epic vision of imagination from Oscar®-nominated director Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy). After an ancient truce existing between humankind and the invisible realm of the fantastic is broken, hell on Earth is ready to erupt. A ruthless leader who treads the world above and the one below defies his bloodline and awakens an unstoppable army of creatures. Now, it's up to the planet's toughest, roughest superhero to battle the merciless dictator and his marauders. He may be red. He may be horned. He may be misunderstood. But when you need the job done right, it's time to call in Hellboy (Ron Perlman). Along with his expanding team in the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Development--pyrokinetic girlfriend Liz (Selma Blair), aquatic empath Abe (Doug Jones) and protoplasmic mystic Johann--the BPRD will travel between the surface strata and the unseen magical one, where creatures of fantasy become corporeal. And Hellboy, a creature of two worlds who's accepted by neither, must choose between the life he knows and an unknown destiny that beckons him. -- © Universal Pictures

what i have to say:
i went to pyramid yesterday to watch Hellboy II..oh yeah,i love this movie,,!! this one is a must is full of surprises and pack with laughter,sadness and so actions!..the effect is so cool..!! u know how much i appreciate fantasy movie,so i've gotta say i love this one..!! and yesterday i did not have probs with people who do not have much sense of humor..because this time,they were all laughing out loud especially when it was the time red and abe were singing the love song.,.!! Oh so funny..!! LOL..i was laughing a lot till i got stomach ache..ahhaha..=]..i still remember the part...and euw,all the creatures are bizzare..!! it is so creepy and disgusting too!! oh pathetic..!!.. n i just think that red and liz were meant to be together..they're just so sweet..this is another comic-book movie that is full of action which is why i love it!=]

the dark knight

Friday, July 25, 2008

I went to the cinema yesterday to watch this movie and thanks God that the hall is full because I still remember a few months ago where I went to pavilion to watch ‘gone baby gone’ with my friends. And surprisingly there were only two of us. At first, we were quite afraid that we just want to go out and burn the ticket just like that. But we still wanted to watch the movie after all.yeah we wanna see Casey Affleck.Instead of feeling afraid, we make ourselves feels like home...yeah with huge hall but just the two of you watching a movie? Does not it feel like home? whatever. Forget about it. I just want to express my satisfaction here.Yeah, I’m so satisfied that I watched dark knight. Worth the 12bucks for 3hours movie.n gee, now I know why people are calling the late Heath Ledger for an Oscar. He did a great job by taking this character, at least before he passed away. The Joker is so annoying and pathetic yeah, he is a troubled psycho too.Well done Heath Ledger. This is definitely a tribute for you!! R.I.P Heath. We all love you. And with this movie, people will definitely remember you. If not for Heath, the joker at least...hehe...but I wasn’t really satisfied the part that they’ve changed Rachel. Maggie is pretty good but I just miss Katie Holmes. She fits the character as Rachel and about Dent, when I saw his ‘two face’, I was like whoa .It was so creepy and I thought he was going to be the next Joker but my prediction was totally wrong after all but it is almost right because Joker made him a bad guy. Good boy gone bad! Does it sound like rihanna’s album ‘Good girl gone bad’...ha-ha...nah, cut the crap! And it was quite a sad moment when batman took a responsibility for everything and the police have to chase after him...Nah, he didn’t do anything wrong! Oh I almost forgot about these morons. I was sitting at the couple sit in the cinema and there were these people behind me. I do not know whether they got the tickets for free or they did buy tickets to watch this movie because they seemed to be not interested with the movie at all. I can totally accept if you were talking about this movie (but I hate it too) or if you were answering phone calls (it might be an emergency)...but singing in a cinema??? Do not you have manners buddy?? Are you an idol’s contestant or what? It was so rude to sing loudly in a cinema. Even if you didn’t like the movie at all, just keep quiet or else just get out from the hall. We were paying for the same amount to enjoy this movie okay? So be wise! I hope all of you guys, please and please do not sing in a cinema even if you totally hate the movie that u wish u could detonate the cinema. haha...Do consider about other people yaa..! =] but overall,im satisfied with this film..this is a lot more than i have come to expect from a comic book film.. A must-see for Ledger alone, but there's more to it than that..heheh

oh so lame..!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

lately i've got a big prob with my reception..i just dunno why...but when i call someone,it'll always connect to other person..not the person that im going to call..even if the name appears on my phone..its just maxis problem..cross line to be exact..i do not really mind bout these thgs even it was a burden to me..but what made me really furious is when the owner's girlfriend called me..actually i was goin to call one of my friends n suddenly it connected to a was normal since it happened to me before..and if his gf is sporting then she wont call me back..thats it..but this one guy..his gf was callin me askin me why im calling his boyfriend..i was like what? when? because i do not even remember that i called any guy these past few days..she kept insisting to know who the hell am i? where am i? n so on..i was like..oh so lame..!! r u stupid or what..i've been telling you that it wasnt my am i supposed to know how this is happening?..please la..!! do not just simply accused people to steal ur bf..i dont even know who the hell is ur bf neither do i noe u..!! enough said..if ur bf is really head over heels in love with do not not feel insecure because no matter what he'll not leave u..the prob is now,ur bf didnt say a thing but u kept callin me asking who am i? know u just being a good girlfriend showin some jealousy but this is absolutely wrong..u can or u should be jealous if your bf is calling other girls but not if someone is calling him..cause it might be nothing..just like in my case..!! so beware girls..!! do not ever make a stupid action like this..accusing people of tryin to steal ur bf whereas there's nothing at all..!! oh so lame again...!! lmao


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serena & nate

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the o.c

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hot fabregas

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fabregas =]

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spain won

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fantastic fabregas

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fabregas addiction

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fabregas is cool

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Mr. Wrong again????

Sunday, July 20, 2008

another man? another dissapointment...?finally,u've met ur mr.right guy..the perfect one n evrythg is picture-perfect..but soon,the first cracks begins to appear..u wish dat u've never been in this relationship..u juz looking for the exit signs..but 1st thg 1st,dont panic..u can still fix the relationship n u may have not hooked up with wrong person..1st,u must leave all those negative attitudes,opinions, and fears...for example,if ur man asked u to stay apart for a while,u'll find that he's actly leaving u because u already put the 'Man always leave' input in ur mind..but it might not be true after all..he maybe needs some time for him to enjoy doing things on his own but u'll never think bout it? u'll always think that he's sick being with u..opt for positive ones hunn..!! then when ur partner is showing some appreciation towards u..mybe a lot of appreciation or love perhaps like calling u over trivial matters,buying u foods evry single time n day n not run away from these thgs..but give urself a chance to see how it feels to be liked,to be loved..n then u always getting dumped by a guy u thought is head over heels in love with u..this is the might be the way u're handling the relationship..mybe u r a kind of secretive ppl who do not really wanna share ur probs with him..u still have these negative thinkings in ur mind~~"what he'll think of me if i said dat i couldnt handle this,couldn't do this.." dun worry..if u share,he'll be willing to help u n this helps u to brighten the relationship..because guys always wanted to do good thgs for his girl..they'll feel more like a man if they can help the point is,do not make ur relationship boring and mundane with ur attitude..and try to respect his opinion as well..mybe u r better than him..u r intelligent n smart enough to argue bout his opinion..but still, this is wrong..instead,u should try to listen to his first n do not disagree or offer for a better solution...haahaa


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this is rachel bilson's wallpaper made by me..this was taken from her wedding photoshoot..she is just so gorgeous..i love her..!!

rachel bilson

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this is one of a kind of rachel's wallpapers made by me..!!

Proud to be single??

its hard being single..isnt it??yeah..u'll look at ur phone but no messages coming neither phone calls..sometimes u wish there's some1 who would call u even just for askin bout ur health...its normal..!! dun worry..its just a part of being a single lady..n when u were out shopping or catch a tea alone,u'll find it harder looking at couples walking together,hugging n making PDA..u'll like cursing em to get a room..but then its all just because u're single..its d sign of jealousy actly..but after all,u should be proud of being single..!! u can enjoy yourself for a while rite?i mean until u get ur own cliche as it may sounds,evry1 has their own partner made for em..its true..!!its juz a matter of time..u'll haf to wait until u found da mr.right guy..being single,u dont have to spend much money..yeah..wasting ur money in order to beautify urself day to day whereas if he does love u,he does not even care bout all those thgs..but still u cannot simply neglect the way u look..u still haf to care bout ur skin,ur face but in moderation..u haf much more time to spend with ur buddies..go for a vacation out of the country perhaps?.shopping only for yourself..n then the most precious part is no more headache due to ur fight with ur beau..we as women have a very different way of thinking..sometimes guys want us to understands em in other way but we failed..n vice versa..dat is a killer time for couples only..!! not for those who are enjoy urself while u r still single..!! celebrate it..n juz forgot bout ur ex who dump or cheat on u..!! cheers..

new fashion just in.steal this rock chic style from dorothy perkins

trust me on this,..u might get boring with all ur dresses,leggings n so change ur style to this vibrant rock chic style..steal this look..n u'll find a new you ..with the boyish tank top cover the masculined pinned up shirt..its juz perfect..n style it with ur red heels n clutch..oh so gorgeous..!! =] n u can get all these items from Dorothy Perkins..!! =] go get some..!!

Sneak peek..Lauren Conrad's clothing line

gosh..she has a very own clothing line now..for ppl who dont know who is Lauren Conrad..shame on u..but dats not a prob..shes a former laguna beach tv star,n she has her own tv series,THE HILLS..oh now u know her aite?? well shes one of the gorgeous girl in town..n yes..her collection is to die for..u should go check it out for urself..

n these are some of her beach butterfly collection..gorgeous isnt it???..steal it babe!

ep08 leaving home

ep 07 u r not replaceable

ep 06 The 'V' word

mtv newport harbor ep05 season 1~she's out im in

mtv newport harbor ep04 season 1~sealed with a kiss

mtv newport harbor ep03 season 1~hustlin'

mtv newport harbor ep02 season 1~switching position

Newport harbor EP1 season 1

shopping online

Got no time for urself to do shoppin in town? dun worry..u guys can still be a shopaholic via internet..its just so simple as it sounds..u cn go to any blog dat offers online shopping..some blogs offers a brand new item n some are 2nd hand item..but they r all in good me..!! u guys can do the payment via paypal or direct payment to their bank account..n they will deliver it 4 u..if u r lucky enough,sometimes the delivery is free of charge.n some blogs do have sales..!! u can also arrange COD(cash on delivery) meeting as well if u r still afraid dat u'll not get the item when u already paid for it..these are some of online shopping blogs..!! but this is only for malaysian..=]

cupacakes @ wondermilk

taken from their blog..
cuppacakes®. baked fresh on a made to order basis with only the finest, yummiest and freshest ingredients. satisfaction guaranteed with every order.

cuppacakes®. known for fine & exquisite cupcake creations. always defined by our attention to detail, beautiful colours, delicious flavours and forever known for our whimsical & creative approach to cupcake design.

cuppacakes®. great for special celebrations & equally delectable for any other occasions; birthdays, wedding receptions, baby showers, corporate meetings, launches, casual get-togethers, exhibitions, parties etc.

we offer awesome flavours, gorgeous original designs & hundreds of variations for you to choose from. we can also customise your order to your desired preference.

premium cupcakes by cuppacakes® / kuala lumpur, malaysia

n yes..their cupcakes is so delicious n oh so pretty..kawaii,,u cn make order via online as well..n they'll deliver it to u..but only applicable in some areas..but u guys should try me on this ones..delicious + cute + affordable price = cupacakes..wut more do u need?? go get urself some cupacakes..

5 mins manicure..

this is taken from sally hansen..if u're in a hurry then this will do,,..

Shape Nails
* Trim nails to desired length with a nipper, scissors or nail clip.
* Shape and smooth nail edges with a nail board or file.
* File nails in one direction from each side of the nail toward the center - this helps prevent nails from splitting.
Groom Cuticles
* Soak fingers or toes in warm water to soften cuticles.
* Pat nails dry. Leave cuticles moist.
* Apply a cuticle remover like Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, following package directions.
* Gently push back cuticles with a cotton-wrapped cuticle stick or cuticle pusher.
* Carefully nip away excess cuticles and hangnails.
* Thoroughly wash off excess cuticle remover and pat dry.
* Apply cuticle treatment and massage. Remove any traces from nails before applying nail treatments or color.
Prep Nails
* Apply a nail treatment or base coat to protect nails, smooth the nail surface and help manicures and pedicures last longer.
Apply Nail Polish
* Apply 2 coats of your favorite Sally Hansen nail color.
Seal, Shine & Finish
* Finish with a top coat to seal nails, add brilliant shine and help nail color last.
* When applied between manicures and pedicures, top coats add strength and protection and keep your nail color looking shiny and just-applied fresh.
* Apply a cuticle oil after your manicure or pedicure is complete.

marie digby

ooo..i love marie digby..shes so talented..bless with good voice n pretty look..a complete package..whats more do we need aite?

this is her cover for rihanna-umbrella of her version..(acoustic)..she has a gud voice,,

n this is her song,,-say it get her album..!!

girlfriend~her very own song..

she covers for james morrison-u give me it..!!


the synopsis:
A hard-drinking lush finds himself thrust into superhero mode in director Peter Berg's unconventional look at the private life of a crime-fighter. Will Smith stars as the embittered do-gooder whose lifestyle is more akin to a rock star than a role model, and who has grown as disillusioned with his once-admiring public as they have of him.

n my review bout d film..i noe its a lil bit late..hahah..but i love this film..who wouldn't fallin in love with will smith n charlize theron?? isnt it??enough said..but this movie was ridiculous..yeah..there isnt nobody in this whole world who is so strong jz like he is d strongest super-hero ever made..surpasses batman,superman n spiderman...haha..i went to the cinema with my bitches(my insane frens)..n yes..we were laughin out loud dat ppl beside us wish dat they could kill us..ahhha.but i was wondering actly y other ppl werent really wasnt like a creepy or sad was funny..come on..they didnt even laugh...mybe they were too focus n juz forgot to laugh..hahahah..LOL..but at the end of the movie,it was quite sad...i tot hancock is dead..but he wasnt..however,he had to separate himself from his wife in order for em to live normally..i.e with powers..huuhu..

random facts about fabregas

Sunday, July 13, 2008

im a huge huge fan of arsenal..n i've been supportin em since i was 12..n now im 20..haha..i love bergkamp..he was the reason y i started to like arsenal..but now im in for fabregas..he's one of the talented midfielder..n i love him to bits,,!! he's a magnificent midfielder being able to pass well and yes hes gud in assisting..n here are juz some random facts bout him..juz for fun..hehehe

~his name is francesc fabregas soler
~he was born in aranys de mar,catalonia,spain on 4th May 1987( his zodiac is taurus..same wit me!!)
~he is catalan
~his mom has a pastry company..
~he drive an AUDI
~he has a sister named Carlota
~he has a girlfriend named Carla..
~he loves to watch desperate housewives & lost..ehehhe
~he has his own TV show called THE CESC FABREGAS SHOW (ooo.i love the show!!)
~he played for arsenal and spain for national team..
~he was the youngest arsenal's goalscorer ever in history..
~he made his team debut on 23rd october 03..
~he always wears ring on his left hand(2nd finger)..the ring was given by his Gf,Carla..
~he won the PFA young player of the year award for 07-08..
~he only wears NIKE on the field..

Gossip Girl

i found myself a new hobby,.ahhah..i juz started to make still a beginner so my vids are all suckz..ahahha..but juz for fun to publish it on youtube....its kinda hard to make a great vid..but i'll try to learn more n more..i've made some vids..
here it is..
u can go to my youtube..

code blue

its been a long tym since i last wrote in here..u kinda bz with my assignments n exams..being a college student is tiring..but i cant regret it,,this is the way dat i chose..rmmber?hahaha..well recently i watched 1st episode of Code Blue..a new japanese dorama featurin Yamapi,Toda erika,aragaki yui n etc..lots to mention one by one..haha..its a medical drama..n gee..i love it..!! maybe its Pi who makes the drama interesting..yeah..after all,he's so kakkoi..!! even though i'm doin engineering now,but i think i undrstood how hard it is to become a real doctor..yeah..we are dealing wit ppl simple mistake might kill the patient..argh..its juz so hard..but seeing yamapi as a training doctor,i was can a doctor be so hot just like him??ahhaha..*im droolin**huhuu**..the drama is currently airing now in japan..i've oready downloaded the 2nd eps n im still waiting for the sub..hayaku..!!! i cant wait to see the next eps..hehhe...=]

sex n city the movie..

well i juz happen to watch this movie a week ago..n yes..i love it..u noe,i haf always been a fan to the i cant say no to the movie..ahah..i still love carrie..n finally she got married to big..ehhehe...

here is the synopsis of the movie..taken from imdb..
After moving in together in an impossibly beautiful New York apartment, Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big make a rather arbitrary decision to get married. The wedding itself proves to be anything but a hasty affair--the guest list quickly blooms from 75 to 200 guests, and Carrie's simple, label-less wedding gown gives way to an enormous creation that makes her look like a gigantic cream puff. An upcoming photo spread in Vogue puts the event--which will take place at the New York Public Library--squarely in the public eye. Meanwhile, Carrie's girlfriends--Samantha, the sexpot; Charlotte, the sweet naïf; and Miranda, the rigid perfectionist--could not be happier. At least, they couldn't be happier for Carrie. Charlotte still has the unrealized hope of getting pregnant. Samantha is finding a loving, committed relationship more grueling than she could have imagined. Miranda unwittingly lets her own unhappiness--created when Steve admits to cheating on her just once--spoil Carrie's. After a heated encounter with Steve, she happens to spot Mr. Big and tells him he's crazy to get married. She's really only thinking of her own marriage. But her angry remark gets Mr. Big to thinking. Written by J. Spurlin