Proud to be single??

Sunday, July 20, 2008

its hard being single..isnt it??yeah..u'll look at ur phone but no messages coming neither phone calls..sometimes u wish there's some1 who would call u even just for askin bout ur health...its normal..!! dun worry..its just a part of being a single lady..n when u were out shopping or catch a tea alone,u'll find it harder looking at couples walking together,hugging n making PDA..u'll like cursing em to get a room..but then its all just because u're single..its d sign of jealousy actly..but after all,u should be proud of being single..!! u can enjoy yourself for a while rite?i mean until u get ur own cliche as it may sounds,evry1 has their own partner made for em..its true..!!its juz a matter of time..u'll haf to wait until u found da mr.right guy..being single,u dont have to spend much money..yeah..wasting ur money in order to beautify urself day to day whereas if he does love u,he does not even care bout all those thgs..but still u cannot simply neglect the way u look..u still haf to care bout ur skin,ur face but in moderation..u haf much more time to spend with ur buddies..go for a vacation out of the country perhaps?.shopping only for yourself..n then the most precious part is no more headache due to ur fight with ur beau..we as women have a very different way of thinking..sometimes guys want us to understands em in other way but we failed..n vice versa..dat is a killer time for couples only..!! not for those who are enjoy urself while u r still single..!! celebrate it..n juz forgot bout ur ex who dump or cheat on u..!! cheers..

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