random facts about fabregas

Sunday, July 13, 2008

im a huge huge fan of arsenal..n i've been supportin em since i was 12..n now im 20..haha..i love bergkamp..he was the reason y i started to like arsenal..but now im in for fabregas..he's one of the talented midfielder..n i love him to bits,,!! he's a magnificent midfielder being able to pass well and yes hes gud in assisting..n here are juz some random facts bout him..juz for fun..hehehe

~his name is francesc fabregas soler
~he was born in aranys de mar,catalonia,spain on 4th May 1987( his zodiac is taurus..same wit me!!)
~he is catalan
~his mom has a pastry company..
~he drive an AUDI
~he has a sister named Carlota
~he has a girlfriend named Carla..
~he loves to watch desperate housewives & lost..ehehhe
~he has his own TV show called THE CESC FABREGAS SHOW (ooo.i love the show!!)
~he played for arsenal and spain for national team..
~he was the youngest arsenal's goalscorer ever in history..
~he made his team debut on 23rd october 03..
~he always wears ring on his left hand(2nd finger)..the ring was given by his Gf,Carla..
~he won the PFA young player of the year award for 07-08..
~he only wears NIKE on the field..

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