oh so lame..!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

lately i've got a big prob with my reception..i just dunno why...but when i call someone,it'll always connect to other person..not the person that im going to call..even if the name appears on my phone..its just maxis problem..cross line to be exact..i do not really mind bout these thgs even it was a burden to me..but what made me really furious is when the owner's girlfriend called me..actually i was goin to call one of my friends n suddenly it connected to a guy..it was normal since it happened to me before..and if his gf is sporting then she wont call me back..thats it..but this one guy..his gf was callin me askin me why im calling his boyfriend..i was like what? when? because i do not even remember that i called any guy these past few days..she kept insisting to know who the hell am i? where am i? n so on..i was like..oh so lame..!! r u stupid or what..i've been telling you that it wasnt my fault..how am i supposed to know how this is happening?..please la..!! do not just simply accused people to steal ur bf..i dont even know who the hell is ur bf neither do i noe u..!! enough said..if ur bf is really head over heels in love with u..so do not afraid..do not feel insecure because no matter what he'll not leave u..the prob is now,ur bf didnt say a thing but u kept callin me asking who am i? wth..lol..i know u just being a good girlfriend showin some jealousy but this is absolutely wrong..u can or u should be jealous if your bf is calling other girls but not if someone is calling him..cause it might be nothing..just like in my case..!! so beware girls..!! do not ever make a stupid action like this..accusing people of tryin to steal ur bf whereas there's nothing at all..!! oh so lame again...!! lmao

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