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Sunday, July 13, 2008

its been a long tym since i last wrote in here..u kinda bz with my assignments n exams..being a college student is tiring..but i cant regret it,,this is the way dat i chose..rmmber?hahaha..well recently i watched 1st episode of Code Blue..a new japanese dorama featurin Yamapi,Toda erika,aragaki yui n etc..lots to mention one by one..haha..its a medical drama..n gee..i love it..!! maybe its Pi who makes the drama interesting..yeah..after all,he's so kakkoi..!! even though i'm doin engineering now,but i think i undrstood how hard it is to become a real doctor..yeah..we are dealing wit ppl simple mistake might kill the patient..argh..its juz so hard..but seeing yamapi as a training doctor,i was can a doctor be so hot just like him??ahhaha..*im droolin**huhuu**..the drama is currently airing now in japan..i've oready downloaded the 2nd eps n im still waiting for the sub..hayaku..!!! i cant wait to see the next eps..hehhe...=]

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MC said...

Hey! How was Pi in Code bLue? They took it down before I managed to watch it! Btw, link me!