Alice in Wonderland on 3D film

Saturday, June 27, 2009

note: all images are the properties of Tim Burton himself so the credit goes for him.

A big yeah for me..!! I saw it on E! about this upcoming film starring Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway and etc..I'm insanely thrilled considering Johnny Depp will be starring in this film. I love him. I mean who would not love him right? He's cool, a versatile actor and yes he's too hot to resist..haha..I once read in a magazine about what he said about his ambitions..

"I'd like to grow into being a traditional old man, with a beer belly, and sitting on the veranda of our place in France, just staring out over the lawns...”'s so sweet seeing his vision is like that. I'd probably married a guy who has the same thoughts as him which I haven't found yet..hahaaa..Wuteve..I'm excited to see this movie because it's Alice in Wonderland, the famous childhood story. I still remember it was actually the first storybook my mom had ever bought for me. I love the story when I was a little girl and I still do. Besides this is Tim Burton's movie so I have a hunch that this movie is going to be good as good as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Edward Scissorhands. These are all the previous films Tim collaborated with Johnny Depp. Well I've made myself clear why I'm looking forward into seeing this movie. Plus it is also interesting to note that the casting of Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, Micheal Sheen as the White Rabbit and the list goes on. FYI for those who don't know, Micheal Sheen is the one who played Lucian in the whole three Underworlds films while Anne Hathaway is famous for her role in both Princess Diaries as well as The Devil Wears Prada. Grrr..I'm freaking excited and the excitement gets stronger when I catch a glimpse of this film's official still images.
So behold Johnny Depp fans, we still have to wait until next year..=] xoxo

fabregas wallpapers

Due to boredom, I have made some Fabregas wallpapers again..haha..I do have lots of other things to do actually but i could not help myself..I'm super addicted with CS..well here are some of it:

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true friend

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friendship Quotes
Friendship Quotes
Friendship Quotes
Life Quotes
Life Quotes

As Dorotyhl said in my chat box, the only way to have a good friend is to be one. Well I am strongly agreed with her. Everyone in this world needs a friend no matter whether you live in a rural area, a suburb area or even when you think you do not actually need a friend. You need a friend and by saying friend I mean someone you know well and who is not from your family. We need friends because we always need someone to rely on. Friends are where you go to when you are sad or happy. You always need someone to share the happiness and everything that you have been through. The question is now how to find a good friend? To find a good friend is like the hardest thing to do because there are many friends out there but we never know who might turn the good things back to us. You could just befriend with anyone in a little wink of your eye but it could take what a month, a year or even a decade for you to find good friends. Sometimes when we are too close with our friends, they could become our worst enemies because ‘Best friend is your worst enemy’. We will never know if they are backstabbing us or talk bad about us until some of your friends spill the bin. I have lots of friends because I was moving a lot while I was growing up. It was hard for me to find good friends too because when I had build a good relationship with my friends I had to move to another place. But I got lucky because I went to a boarding school when I was 13 so I could easily build trust with my friends from school. It is essential to have trust in friendship. Frankly, I was not a good girl myself back years ago during my school time. When I was 13, I actually met a good friend who has happened to be in same class with me. She was like this gorgeous and prettiest girl in my class. At first I thought she was a bit arrogant but as people say we cannot judge a book by its cover and it turned out I was totally wrong because when I get to know her she is actually a kind girl who has a big heart and big ambition. I like her and we had so much fun being together as friends. She is funny and a little crazy herself and it was always fun when we spent time together. However being friends together in hostel could cause troublesome because it’s like we go everywhere together and there are quite a few times when we don’t meet an eye to eye. After a while (2 years and half), it felt like I did not like her that much because there are few of her attitudes that irk me. I ditched her just like that and went to befriend with someone else. Now that I think about it, I was like how cruel I was at that time. She never told me about how bad I was or something like she did not like my attitude or what. I mean I ditched her because I did not like one or two things about her but to think of it she could have done the same things to me right? I was not a good girl after all but she never told me that. She would wait for me everyday after class and she would still wait for me even when I started to show my evil side until she noticed that I did not want to befriend with her anymore. I felt nothing and I actually continued living my life like nothing happened. Soon after that, I moved to another boarding school and we are still keeping in touch with each other. But it was only like saying hello and that is all. I did not really care because I have other friends. However as I grow older and started to think properly as a mature woman I do realized about what happened and I could not tell you how bad I felt. I wish I could turn back time so that I will not be such a bitch to ditch such a good friend. We are still contacting each other right now but things have gone different. She is still like this crazy girl who I used to like and I still do but we were not as good as before. She has friends now who would never ditch her in any way and I feel bad for myself for not having the guts to confess everything to her. I have never told her how bad I felt right now. I guess I will just keep it inside my heart and I do have good friends now. I would never betray them or ditch them again. I finally learn to say that everyone is not perfect. It is always true by being a good friend we will get good friend. Things are revolving around like this. True friend is a person who would always be by your side no matter what. If you are sad they will be there to lend you a shoulder for you to cry on and they will be twice as happy as you are when you have hit the jackpot. They will definitely leave footprint in our heart therefore I urge myself and everyone out there, please do not waste your time to find someone else cooler, prettier or even brighter than the one you already have. You just have to endure some things because no one is perfect and your friend would appreciate you the way you are if you do the same favor. =]

People need to learn to show some respect towards others

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finally it was such a big relief for me because my short semester has already ended yesterday. I can finally get a rest even though I did not feel tired finishing my short semester. It might be because I was off campus and by staying at home I felt much better. However as I was beginning to enjoy my break, there was something big happened today and it was not a good thing. I went to pick up my younger brother at his school this afternoon and I parked the car at usual place. While I was waiting inside the car I saw a school bus reversed. I thought the bus’s driver could make it so I did not move the car. Once again I said, I thought and I just thought. The thing was that he did not fail but it took a while for him to do the reverse because I was there and he would have wish for me to move out of his way. But I did not move. I sat there waiting in the car. Out of the blue when he already passed doing the reverse he stopped his bus right in front of my car. He jumped out of his bus and yelled “Hey you stupid” and that was the time I was getting mad. I said furiously “Hey could you talk properly” and then he came towards me as if he was big enough to scare me. Yeah obviously he was bigger than I was but I was not afraid at that time. He said something that he should not have said. By calling me a stupid was more than enough to make my blood running fast to be mad at him but even more surprise he asked me why I did not move my car because everyone was moving their car so that he could reverse. Hello there driver!! Wake up!! I thought you could make it so I did not move my car. Besides I was just waiting for my brother to come and then I will go out of your way so you just need to wait for a while. Plus you still have to wait for students to come to your bus before leaving right? So it does not matter at all for you to just wait for a little while. But I did not say these to him. I said who the hell are you to be calling me stupid? You yelled at me calling me a stupid and you laughed. What was he thinking at that time? I bet he must be thinking I was so afraid of him when he yelled at me that way. He knew I am a girl and very tiny one but you could not just jumped out like that and yelled at me. I was so furious and I said “could you be more like a normal human being? You could come to me and talk to me slowly asking me to move my car right? Could you do that? But instead of doing that you yelled at me calling me stupid? Who the hell are you to be calling someone else stupid? Don’t you have any manners? Clearly to me he was not that much of a normal human being because he said I could be a human being but it is just your attitude is like that. I replied to him “How could you know my attitude when you do not even come and face me just yet? You could not just jump to such conclusion saying someone’s stupid just like that. If you were a kind man, you could at least come and tell me to move my car or ask one of your passengers to tell me to do so. I would not mind if you were to come at me looking fiercely or furiously asking me to move my car. I mean I could still be mad at that time but I will move my car. But then you did not do so but you yelled at me. Does it cost you a buck for you to come to talk properly? He muted for a little while admitting that he was wrong then he apologized to me and I was doing the same thing but it was not the end just yet. He told me that he could see me trembling so he asked me to drive slowly back home and if I could just apologizing to him once again. I was like what? Are you kidding me? I was not the one who should be apologizing to you twice because you are the one who yelled at me without manners. He knew I was mad and he said he did not care if I took his bus’s number and lodge a report. He said “I am not afraid if you want to report about me. I don’t give a shit”. Well neither do I. I said to him “so do u think I’m afraid? I feel nothing. Not even a tiniest bit of fear” as for me I still think you are so wrong to yell at people like that when you could have actually talked properly. Besides, I’m just a kid and you should not be mad at me like that”. He told me if you were a kid so do not drive! I said I do have license and then he started to ramble about my car. Then he walked away and once again yelled “Go to hell”. Honestly I still have lots to say to him about what he did to me and I wanted him to know that he must talk properly to everyone even though that person may have wronged him. But I stopped there and drove all the way back home. I admit that I was wrong for not moving my car when I knew that he was reversing his vehicle but to some extent I think he could managed to reverse the bus even without me moving my car because there are still many spaces left. I was right about it because he actually managed to reverse the bus even when I was still there. He just wanted to yell at me because he was mad at me as if I would likely to be afraid of him just like everyone else. He might think that when he yelled at me I am going to be so afraid fidgeting inside the car and then move just like everyone else. I was not that stupid to stay still not defending myself when people yelled at me. Nowadays people are just so mean and so rude. They might think that when they are big people should be afraid of them. This is way too wrong. People would not likely to be afraid of you but to lose respect when you do not show any manners towards people around you. No matter how big you are, just think twice before you do something. Think twice as big as your figure. Show some manners and people will respect you.

crush on gaspard ulliel

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have final exam coming this Monday but I have not read anything just yet. As usual, there are lots for me to revise and I am so lazy to open the books right now. So I decided to make some wallpapers adding to my collection. I have huge crush on Gaspard Ulliel, the French actor. He is so hot that I could not resist myself finding more about him. Sadly I could not understand French so I did not understand what was his saying in his movies. I have watched him in Hannibal Rising which is the only major English-language film he had done. Well obviously it was the only film I could fully understand. He was so good being Hannibal Lecter. He was good in acting and he can speak fluent English. I wonder why Hollywood's people or filmmakers do not want him to be in their film. He is good, handsome, and hot and in fact he is my very own version of Edward Cullen. Whatever huh? I am just being ridiculous here. Robert Pattinson is good enough to be the only Edward Cullen. Well here are Gaspard's wallpapers I have made. Be sure to go to my flickr if you want the large size.

Twilight fans howling for the first trailer of New Moon

Monday, June 8, 2009


"I promise to never put you through anything like this ever again," Edward says. "This is the last time you will ever see me."

Omg!! I recently saw the new moon trailer and guess what? I still can't get over it just yet..Fuuhh...believe me! I bet everyone who saw the trailer must be really excited for the upcoming twilight sequel which will hit theaters this 20th November. I know! I know! Few months to go but ouch. The first trailer definitely gets my blood flowing faster than ever. I love the 'kiss me' scene with Kristen's arched eyebrow...haha...overwhelming...the moment I saw Taylor Lautner turns into CGI wolf, I was like wow..Just like how I imagined it..The werewolf scene was cool...I read that some people have questioned about the weird werewolf...some even wish they could make the wolf more realistic but I just think it might be because Taylor is just shape shifter so the wolf doesn't look like real wolf at all..Nah cut the crap! What was I said? Forget about it...anyway, I think people will soon to eye for Taylor in this New Moon movie...still I just couldn't get enough of RobSten (Robert+ Kristen)...can't wait to see more of them! The trailer is hell sexy and I just can't wait for November anymore!! I do hope this movie is going to be far better than before...based on what I saw, it is such an improvement...arghhh help me to deal with this captivating trailer..okayh2...cooling off now!! I'm going to fix my ORD (Obsessive Robert Disorder) hahahhaaa..Oh 20th Nov...U’re so far away!!

Arctic Monkeys 3rd Album

Saturday, June 6, 2009

As a huge fan of Arctic Monkeys, I am so so excited that they will be releasing their latest album soon which is on August to be exact..I have waited so long for this one to come out..Their as-yet-untitled album features only 10 new songs..I’m slightly disappointed though and I hope they’ll come out with hidden tracks and more singles..we never know yet..just wait till their album come out..but hey the track listing looks awesome and I can't wait to get the album..It looks like they're still trying to figure out the album title..I hope its going to sounds fantastic but it doesn't matter though..As long as the tracks are all good, I'm good with just any title..Btw,as you look through the picture above,you can see that Alex's hair is growing again..I don't like that kind of hairstyle for him..It doesn't suit him anyway..please Alex, chop off your hair..!! I still love you though no matter what..hahaha..I have watched some of the videos on youtube and all I can say is that I wish tomorrow is August so that I can grab their album the way, the track listing is as follows:

01. My Propeller
02. Crying Lightning
03. Dangerous Animals
04. Secret Door
05. Potion Approaching
06. Fire & The Thud
07. Cornerstone
08. Dance Little Liar
09. Pretty Visitors
10. The Jeweller's Hands

and here is the international release dates for the Arctic Monkeys 3rd album

UK - Monday 24th August
Ireland - Friday 21st August
USA(inc Canada) - Tuesday 25th August
Germany(inc Austria, Switzerland) - Friday 21st August
Benelux - Friday 21st August
Japan - Wednesday 19th August
Sweden - Wednesday 26th August
Finland - Wednesday 26th August
Italy - Friday 28th August
Turkey - Monday 31st August
Australia/New Zealand - Monday 24th August
Latin America - Monday 24th August