crush on gaspard ulliel

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have final exam coming this Monday but I have not read anything just yet. As usual, there are lots for me to revise and I am so lazy to open the books right now. So I decided to make some wallpapers adding to my collection. I have huge crush on Gaspard Ulliel, the French actor. He is so hot that I could not resist myself finding more about him. Sadly I could not understand French so I did not understand what was his saying in his movies. I have watched him in Hannibal Rising which is the only major English-language film he had done. Well obviously it was the only film I could fully understand. He was so good being Hannibal Lecter. He was good in acting and he can speak fluent English. I wonder why Hollywood's people or filmmakers do not want him to be in their film. He is good, handsome, and hot and in fact he is my very own version of Edward Cullen. Whatever huh? I am just being ridiculous here. Robert Pattinson is good enough to be the only Edward Cullen. Well here are Gaspard's wallpapers I have made. Be sure to go to my flickr if you want the large size.

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