Arctic Monkeys 3rd Album

Saturday, June 6, 2009

As a huge fan of Arctic Monkeys, I am so so excited that they will be releasing their latest album soon which is on August to be exact..I have waited so long for this one to come out..Their as-yet-untitled album features only 10 new songs..I’m slightly disappointed though and I hope they’ll come out with hidden tracks and more singles..we never know yet..just wait till their album come out..but hey the track listing looks awesome and I can't wait to get the album..It looks like they're still trying to figure out the album title..I hope its going to sounds fantastic but it doesn't matter though..As long as the tracks are all good, I'm good with just any title..Btw,as you look through the picture above,you can see that Alex's hair is growing again..I don't like that kind of hairstyle for him..It doesn't suit him anyway..please Alex, chop off your hair..!! I still love you though no matter what..hahaha..I have watched some of the videos on youtube and all I can say is that I wish tomorrow is August so that I can grab their album the way, the track listing is as follows:

01. My Propeller
02. Crying Lightning
03. Dangerous Animals
04. Secret Door
05. Potion Approaching
06. Fire & The Thud
07. Cornerstone
08. Dance Little Liar
09. Pretty Visitors
10. The Jeweller's Hands

and here is the international release dates for the Arctic Monkeys 3rd album

UK - Monday 24th August
Ireland - Friday 21st August
USA(inc Canada) - Tuesday 25th August
Germany(inc Austria, Switzerland) - Friday 21st August
Benelux - Friday 21st August
Japan - Wednesday 19th August
Sweden - Wednesday 26th August
Finland - Wednesday 26th August
Italy - Friday 28th August
Turkey - Monday 31st August
Australia/New Zealand - Monday 24th August
Latin America - Monday 24th August

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