Narnia again...

Friday, August 29, 2008

haha..i just finish my mid term exams yesterday..i have lots of assignments actually but i just do not wanna think about it for now..i am tired of seeing numbers already so i prefer to enjoy myself a little bit after the exams..yeah,i bet all of us did the same things after exams right?..either go for a karaoke or playing games right? but i prefer to watch movie because i love movies..and yesterday,i looked at my movies collection and i found The Chronicles of Narnia prince caspian..oo i love the movie so without further ado,i watched it again..haaha..the movie never fails to cherish my day..i love skandar keynes(Edmund)..he's cute!! haha..i really love fantasy kind of movie like this one and others too like LOTR,stardust n etc..just to mention a few..i have no idea but i think we, women tends to like fantasy movies more than guys..this is true..Guys are not really into it.. maybe its because they know the story is not real after all..its just fantasies which do not exist in this real world..I once got into a fight with my guy friend who hate watching fantasy movies as he said why we should waste our time to watch something we know is not real and does not exist?? was funny because i do not really care whether it exist or not..i just like it so im going for not hate me because i love things like that..haha..back to yesterday matter,"narnia again?" that was what my friend said to me when she saw me watching narnia again..i am always like this..i love watching movies again and again especially if it is one of my favorites..hahah..i wish there'll be movie marathon later in cinema like they did for LOTR..can't wait for it..but i know this movie is still considered as new one because this is one of the 08 movies..just hoping for the marathon to come year perhaps..=]

wallpapers..~my new flickr

these are all my new wallpapers..for those who love my wallpapers,i'm sorry for the late update..i've been busy these days..didn't get time to update the way,i will not upload my wallpapers in my old flickr anymore as i already have 200 there so no more space unless i upgrade it which means i have to pay in order to upload my art..nah,i don't want to do so..sorry ya..! so i make a new flickr so i'll upload new wallies in there..these are my recent wallpapers..
here is my old flickr url for those who don't know:

and here is my new flickr url : i use farahwhibley instead of whibley

smoking is never good

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Smoking is common these days and in fact, some people (narrow-minded people) think that any person who is not a smoker is outdated, not fun at all and etc. This is true since I have some girl friends that are among these kinds of people. As for me, they are the ones who are not fun at all because they are shortening their life with smoking habits. Get the facts okay.. Smoking is not good. It has never been good. But I know once u have tried, its hard for you to quit as it is addictive. Try not to start is the safest way to do. If you’re a smoker and want to quit, you can try to motivate yourself first like you can save the money you’d spend on cigar. Let’s say your cigar is RM7.50 per pack and a pack per week comes to RM360 per year. It’s a lot that you can even use that money to splurge on a hot new outfit or maybe a diamante watch. For people who haven’t try it just yet, better not to even think of it and bear these facts in your mind.

It can cause weight gain: a study found that college smokers weigh more than nonsmokers. Smoke damages the tiny air sacs in the lungs- so a smoker gets out of breath more quickly, which makes it harder to exercise.

It can hurt your grades : Smoker’s brain have adapted to functioning with nicotine – so when a smoker gets a craving and can’t smoke, yeah like when she’s in the class or in the middle of examination, her brain doesn’t work as well, and her memory suffers.

It’s depressing: Teens who light up are four times more likely to become depressed than those who don’t. Scientists say smoking may lower serotonin (you “feel good” chemical).

It worsens acne: Nicotine ups stress hormones, which speed oil production – clogging pores and causing more breakouts.

Keep cool in the heat

Sunday, August 17, 2008

our weather is getting more erratic these days so we should opt for Mother Nature’s choices of healthy eats.

~Mangoes : high in vitamin C,A and E. Pop it into the fridge for a sweet treat on the afternoon

~Watermelon : re-hydrating and rejuvenating. It supplies much needed water + vitamin A + Vitamin C + iron + sodium and potassium to your body.

~Oranges : sweet source of vitamin C, electrolytes and fibre which helps neutralize the acidity in the body.

~Cucumber : keeps the heat away. This popular veggie’s cooling properties will counter any heat, be it weather or food.

~Barley : it has a reputation of keeping things cool and no wonder , when boiled with sugar and lime, it becomes a delicious drink on a hot and humid day. =]

~Peppermint : mix it with lemon in a hot cup of water for a refreshing caffeine-free brew. You can add ice if u prefer cold drink.

~ Green mung bean : green mung bean soup is served everywhere in South East Asia as a cooling antidote to the region’s blistering weather.

reasons why i dont want to visit my rich friend..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

its funny it through email..just wanted to share it here..=]

Reasons why I never visit my rich friend
Once while visiting a very rich friend, the maid approached me and.....
Question : "What would you like to have...? Fruit juice, Soda,
Tea, Chocolate, Capuccino, Frapuccino, or Coffee?"
Answer : " Tea please"
Question : " Ceylon tea, Indian tea, Herbal tea, Bush tea, Honey
bush tea, iced tea or green tea?"
Answer : " Ceylon tea"
Question : "How would you like it? Black or white?
Answer : "white"
Question : "Milk, or fresh cream?
Answer : "With milk"
Question : "Goat's milk, or cow's milk"
Answer : "With cow's milk please.
Question : "Freezeland cow or Afrikaner cow?"
Answer : "Um, I'll just take it black."
Question : "Would you like it with sweetener, sugar or honey?"
Answer : "With sugar"
Question : "Beet sugar or cane sugar?"
Answer : "Cane sugar"
Question : "White, brown or yellow sugar?"
Answer : "Forget about the tea, just give me a glass of water instead."
Question : "Mineral water, tap water or distilled water?"
Answer : "Mineral water"
Question : "Flavored or non-flavored?"
Answer : "I think I'll just die of thirst"
Thank you.

katy perry ~Im still breathing

Monday, August 11, 2008

while everyone is totally loving her 'i kissed a girl' song and always keep playin it all day long but its different for me...its not that i do not love 'i kissed a girl',i do..but its just that im more to this song,'Im still breathing'..i love it to bits..this is a must play song for me every single day..i just do not know why but i love the music and her voice as well..and this is from her 1st album entitled 'One of The Boys' enjoy it..sing along babes..!! effin love her voice!

I leave the gas on
Walk the allies in the dark
Sleep with candles burning
I leave the door unlocked
I'm weaving a rope and
Running all the red lights
Did I get your attention
Cause I'm sending
All the signs and
The clock is ticking
And I'll be giving
My 2 weeks

Pick your favorite
Shade of black
You'd best
Prepare a speech
Say something funny
Say something sweet
But don't say
That you loved me

[ Chorus ]
Cause I'm still breathing
[ Find more Lyrics at ]
Though we've been
Ddead for awhile
This sickness has no cure
We're goin down for sure
Already lost a grip
Best abandon ship

Maybe I was too pale
Maybe I was too fat
Maybe you wanted better
Better luck off in the sack
No formal education
And I swore way too much
But I swear
You didn't fucking care
Cause we were in love

So as I write this letter
And she'd my last tear
No, it's all for the better
That we end this this year
Let's close this chapter
Say one last prayer
But don't say
That you loved me

[ Chorus ]

I'm still breathing
I'm still breathing


well these are few icons that i've made just not good in doing icons cause im still new..i always do wallpapers and signatures..but just wanted to share it here..i'll try to improve it later..hahah..these are just random icons that i made~ serena,gossip girl,aya ueto and rachel bilson..

the most beautiful insects

Sunday, August 10, 2008

these are just so pretty..i do not even know the names of these insects but i got this through emails..they are just like flowers but still i'm afraid of insects no matter how cute they are..hahhaha

wedding week

It’s a wedding week I guess. A lot of people are getting married this week means there are a lot of wedding to attend. I love wedding especially if the bride is one of my relatives. Two of my cousins are getting married this week. I’m happy for them and I do hope their love will last forever. What I hate about wedding is when people are talking about wedding stuff. You know about which guy do you have to choose, at what age you are suppose to get married n etc. Just now, my grandma and my mom were talking about these stuffs which I hate to listen to so I was like running away from the conversation. I did not sit next to them or even at the hall but I was sitting at the kitchen and took my dinner. However, my grandma is way to clever because she wanted to ask about the guy I am dating for now and she asked my mom first. But my mom couldn’t respond to it as I didn’t even talk about these kinds of things with my mom like everybody else did. She then yelled my name from the hall and asked me who is dating me now? How is he? And she keeps rambling about these things like you have to choose a good guy, you have to search for it now before its too late, you have to look for his honesty and bla bla bla. I know it is for good but then the point is I’m only 20 and I have no intention to get married until I finish my degree first, at least not without having my own house or my dream car. Long way to go for me yeah...haha.
Actually I’m kind of tired with these kinds of questions because it will be repeating again and again for the rest of your life. Its like when you are in the college, people will ask you when will you get married or when will you finish your studies, something like that. And when you already finish your studies, they will ask when you will get a good job or your own house n etc. Same goes when you get married, soon after that they will pop up with the babies question. When will you get your own babies? Something like that, isn’t it? It is common I guess but still I don’t really like it. I also hate when people is judging too much about our partner as what is happening to my cousin right now. She get married to this young guy who has not got a stable job just yet but he only works at his brother’s company which is still good for me( he has the effort to work at least).I have no idea why these people are being too skeptical about the relationship. They say that you should have found a rich guy to support you and you’ll eventually find happiness later. It is not true after all because you cannot be happy if you married a rich guy but he has no sense of loving you at all. How can you be happy to spend the rest of your life with him when you hate him right? Ha-ha…whatever it is, I wish my cousin will not end up with anything bad later. Hoping that their marriage will last forever. =]

beauty myths

These are some of the beauty myths:

~Foundation can worsen acne
If you have oily skin, then avoid the oil-based make-up but opt for water-based make-up. Look for water-based foundation labeled with ‘non-comedogenic’

~Shaving your legs will create thicker hair
When the hairs on your legs have been cut by a shaver they grow back with a blunted end rather than pointed tips. This will make you think your regrowth hair is thicker whereas it is just the same as before, same width and colour.

~Many brushstrokes keep hair healthier
It might be good for scalp circulation but it doesn’t necessarily make your hair healthier. It can not only erode the protective cuticle covering that protects your hair shaft, it can also over stimulate sebaceous glands, making your hair more oily and flat.

~If you pluck a gray hair, 10 more will grow in its place
If you rip a hair out of your head will face a slightly damaged hair follicle which causes the next hair to grow at a slight angle so it is more obvious. And you just can’t get 10 hairs growing out of one hair follicle, it is ridiculous.

~When you lose weight, you lose fat
Well this is not true. Muscle is more active than fat tissue so the more muscle you have the more kilojoules you burn. You need to reduce body weight as slowly as possible and exercise at the same time to maintain muscle density and lose mostly body fat.

oguri shun sony ericsson re mobile cm

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

this is the newest commercial from Sony Ericsson..the many faces of shun!..nah..i was surprised to see shun did this thing..hehehe..=]but it was nice..i was so excited to see all the faces..and tanx to my fren,corin who told me about this cm..well,i've gotta say that i was too shocked to see the last face as shun dressed like a woman..n Wow..he looked like a woman..very might took me some time to groom a guy to a beautiful woman like well done to who ever did the make-up job and transformed shun to a pretty woman..hehehe..and i really like the commercial and the phone is cute too..n i believe all of his fans love this cm and do crave for the phone as order to promote the phone for Sony,he did a good job..and he knows he could be a pretty woman as this was not his first time..i've seen him in hanakimi dressed as woman too..nah..he is so pretty..but he is a guy? how weird is that?..hahah...

the value of my sanity: teaser by chun hung wan

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Value of My Sanity - Teaser 2 By Chun Hung Wan
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taken from the site:
"The Value of My Sanity is the brainchild of four passionate, talented and award-winning people from various creative backgrounds to fuse creative expressions onto films. Instilling our innate and limitless imagination from respective fields; photography, scriptwriting, architecture, visual and design, we tune our creative forces to invent an award winning film..
do visit their site here:

i love the teaser so im very excited for the upcoming independent film..i do appreciate independent film because they have honest and original stories..n yes the song is written and sang by our very own Yuna..lovely...

Help me, I don't even know whats real
I think I'm old enough to know how to deal
I need someone else to tell me that I don't need to follow you
But I think I might as well just go with you

yuna- the beautiful voice!!

and this is her official myspace:
go listen to her music there as well

i was lookin for new songs to put in my mp3..yeah,,u know,i couldn't live without music..while i'm browsing for music n videos, I've found this beautiful piece from Yuna..she is one of thousands of unsigned artistes and she is going independent..well,i effing love Yuna..she has such a beautiful and great voice..maybe she is Malaysia's version of Sarah mclachlan or Corrine bailey rae..i love all of her soothes my heart and whenever i hear she strumming some tunes on the guitar, i feel calm and serenity..maybe this is just too much but it is the truth..i love rocket,backpacking around Europe,lie to me with style and deeper conversation..oh Yuna..u know how much i support our local keep up the good work Yuna..i'll see u soon on ur next gig..hehe =] guys,do support her..!!