oguri shun sony ericsson re mobile cm

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

this is the newest commercial from Sony Ericsson..the many faces of shun!..nah..i was surprised to see shun did this thing..hehehe..=]but it was nice..i was so excited to see all the faces..and tanx to my fren,corin who told me about this cm..well,i've gotta say that i was too shocked to see the last face as shun dressed like a woman..n Wow..he looked like a woman..very beautiful...it might took me some time to groom a guy to a beautiful woman like him..so well done to who ever did the make-up job and transformed shun to a pretty woman..hehehe..and i really like the commercial and the phone is cute too..n i believe all of his fans love this cm and do crave for the phone as well..in order to promote the phone for Sony,he did a good job..and he knows he could be a pretty woman as this was not his first time..i've seen him in hanakimi dressed as woman too..nah..he is so pretty..but he is a guy? how weird is that?..hahah...

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