beauty myths

Sunday, August 10, 2008

These are some of the beauty myths:

~Foundation can worsen acne
If you have oily skin, then avoid the oil-based make-up but opt for water-based make-up. Look for water-based foundation labeled with ‘non-comedogenic’

~Shaving your legs will create thicker hair
When the hairs on your legs have been cut by a shaver they grow back with a blunted end rather than pointed tips. This will make you think your regrowth hair is thicker whereas it is just the same as before, same width and colour.

~Many brushstrokes keep hair healthier
It might be good for scalp circulation but it doesn’t necessarily make your hair healthier. It can not only erode the protective cuticle covering that protects your hair shaft, it can also over stimulate sebaceous glands, making your hair more oily and flat.

~If you pluck a gray hair, 10 more will grow in its place
If you rip a hair out of your head will face a slightly damaged hair follicle which causes the next hair to grow at a slight angle so it is more obvious. And you just can’t get 10 hairs growing out of one hair follicle, it is ridiculous.

~When you lose weight, you lose fat
Well this is not true. Muscle is more active than fat tissue so the more muscle you have the more kilojoules you burn. You need to reduce body weight as slowly as possible and exercise at the same time to maintain muscle density and lose mostly body fat.

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