i couldn't stop laughing

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yes, I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s not because of any funny movies but simply because of me.

Haha..Last night or early morning I’d call it as it was 1 am at that time; I just finished doing my things in the lab. It was kinda early because usually we would finish at 3++ am so I was quite happy to head back to my college. As usual, after 12 cars are not allowed to enter the college, so my friend had to park outside of the gate. Then we were having fun talking about Peter.

You know from Peteranswers.com. If you know the trick, then you’re having fun making fun of others. Haha. But if you don’t know the trick, you’ll find Peter is like a cheap stalker. Haha.

While we were having fun chit-chatting on our way back to our rooms, out of nowhere came these 3 dogs that look exactly like wolves barking like hell. You know the wolf-dog type or wolf-dog hybrid or whatever you call it.

They were only two of us and God knows how freaking terrified we were then. We were static and trying so hard not to make any gestures as the dogs barking. Then few minutes later the dogs slowly went to the field which then we thought we were safe! So we continued walking half happy and half afraid and we were saying about how bad were that dogs and we didn’t know that one of them was following us. It was right behind our back that I swear when he barked I ran as fastest as I could because I saw stairs so my aim was to climb the stairs as fastest as I could.

I even left one of my slippers and I was too chickened out to go back and take my slipper. My friend, K, she was still downstairs but managed to score herself a pretty good spot. When the dog left, I went downstairs to K and we were laughing our ass off despite how intimidated we were before.

This is actually the very first time we’ve got chased by the stupid wolf-dogs. Now I know that I can run fast whenever there’s an emergency and being chased by dogs is also an emergency...Hahah...

I swear I was sweating like hell. Not to mention there were lots of cursing. Mind me to be such a bad person when I was freaking out. Phewww..Good thing that my heart is inside because if it was not, I think I would leave my heart as well and maybe I am too afraid to go and take it back..Hahhahaha

Lessons learnt:
-Next time, we have to beg the guard to let us bring our car even after 12...haha
- Walk slowly and no more running if the dog chases us again.
-Stay back in the lab if finish earlier because if it is 3am the dogs might be sleeping..Hahah