1st Teaser --> Pirates Of The Carribbean : On Stranger Tides

Monday, July 26, 2010

Okay..Good news..!!!
Here is the first teaser of Pirates Of The Carribbean : On Stranger Tides.
Aren't you guys excited to watch the movie?
Well the movie is set to be premiered on 20th May 2011. Long way to go..
But yeah, I'm effing thrilled.
The film starring Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Ian McShane, Geoffrey Rush, and many more.
Even though this is the 4th installment of Pirates of The Carribbean, I don't think we're going to see Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom in this latest installment since they have both stated not to continue with their roles in this film.

The question is will you watch the film even without Keira and Orlando?
As for me, a definite yes. The main reason I like the film from the very beginning is Johnny Depp himself. There's not much of a difference with or without them.
They still have Jack Sparrow. =]

P/s: Looking forward into seeing the trailer.

Crossfire - Brandon Flowers

Well here is the video of new single by Brandon Flowers. Who is Brandon Flowers? Well if you are a fan of The Killers, you'll know him for sure since he's the vocalist.
The single was released on Flower's birthday, 21st June 2010 but the video was released on 8th July.
The whole album is set to be released on 14th September 2010. Mark it on your calendar if you're a fan of Brandon Flowers. Well I can't wait for his album. I'll give my review as soon as I get to hear the whole album.

The track listing is as follows:
1. "Crossfire"
2. "Hard Enough (feat. Jenny Lewis)"
3. "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas"
4. "On the Floor"
5. "Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts"
6. "Only the Young"
7. "Playing with Fire"
8. "From Nogales to Magdalena"
9. "Right Behind You"
10. "Was It Something That I Said?"

P/s: what do you think about his new single? Sounds a lot like The Killers right?..hehe..But I still love it. It's different.

Inception..Do you believe in one?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Last night I went to watch Inception. Finally I’ve watched Inception. I’ve been wanting to watch the movie ever since the premiere but didn’t make it. It’s somewhat I called as a peer pressure. You know everyone is talking about Inception and hell I didn’t watch it yet thus I couldn’t join the conversation. I didn’t even watch the trailer since I don’t want to know any spoiler.

The moment I stepped out of the cinema, this was what came to my mind. “Fuh, what a brilliant work by Chris Nolan” You know Chris Nolan, the one who wrote The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Batman Begins, Memento and many more (Duh..I couldn’t remember all of it).
SPOILER ALERT : It may contains spoiler of Inception movie.

First of all, Leonardo Dicaprio did an awesome job with his acting. Again, he’s impressive. Though the last movie (Shutter Island) he did was a bit similar to this one, but this one is better. What I meant by similar, not similar storyline but the same concept where you should use your brain to think a bit more. This is not a laid-back typical chick flick movie. The movie itself isn’t so complicated but you just have to understand everything from the very beginning. There’s no time for you to go to the toilet. Hahah. Oh wait, I never like to go to the toilet while I’m in a middle of a movie. It kills my mood.

Basically the movie is just like any other classic con movie. They are the con-artist who need to confuse or fool their target. But this is another level of con-artist where they need to construct everything in a dream, a dream within a dream.

Inception is like putting an idea into someone’s mind and all that happen in a dream. When he wakes up, he’ll think of it as his own idea (only if the Inception is successful). In this Inception, you have The Extractor, The Forger, The Dream Architect, A Chemist, The Dream Manager, and The Target.

This is needed to be done in a dream and another dream in a dream. There are 3 levels of the dream if I’m not mistaken. It’s like there are deep, deeper and deepest dream. While in reality you have 10 hours but in dream you only have like a week (level 1), 6 months (level 2) and 10 years (level 3). The deepest level of the dream is called limbo.
When you reach there, it’s difficult for you to wake. In level 1 of the dream you can simply kill yourself in a dream to wake yourself in a reality. In other levels you can simply use sensation of the falling or called as ‘The Kick’.
But if you use good sedative in reality, you can’t simply kill yourself to wake because you’ll go to the limbo and trapped there. This is what happened to Saito and Fischer.
Both are in limbo since Mal is Cobb’s projection and Mal shot Fischer. Saito was shot too in level 1 of the dream. And Cobb was stabbed thus he went to the limbo as well.
In this movie, Leo D is Cobb, the extractor where he need to reveal the target’s deepest secret.

There’s the forger where in reality he’s good in forge things thus he can do that in a dream as well. He could become anyone known to the dreamer.

There’s the dream architect (Ellen Page) and the dream manager (Joseph Gordon Levitt), where she needs to design a maze or levels in the dream and the latter need to organize everything in a dream, like he needs to check the background of the target. They can manipulate real life architecture to create a paradox. But they have to make sure that the target will never find the end of the maze so that he’ll never know that he’s not in reality.

A chemist just needs to make a good sedative by which they’re not going to wake up unless the sedative itself wears off. For the dreamer, anyone can be the dreamer but the dreamer couldn’t go to the next level of the dream thus he’s going to stay awake when other people go to the next level of the dream.

A dreamer is some sort of house of the dream where the extractor needs to con the target.

To verify whether it’s a reality or not, they have to make a totem, which is a small piece of something (it could be anything like dice, brass top and etc) and you just have to spin it. If it continues spinning, then you’re not in reality.

For the ending of Inception, it was left ambiguous and Nolan wants us to think. There are so many debates of which saying the ending is in reality and some believe it’s still a dream.
Well you can’t say for certain because Nolan didn’t come out with any fix ending, the totem is still spinning and it’s slightly wobbling and we were left with blank screen. This is actually depends on how you interpret the whole story.

But I honestly think that Nolan wanted us to think that how Cobb has changed. You know he was obsessed to go back to reality or to go back to his children thus explaining how he went to do the Inception knowing it’s somehow complicated and also the spinning totem.

But in the end, he could care less about the totem, he spins it but he’s no longer interested to see whether the totem is still spinning or not because he has his own reality now, coming back to see his children. That’s more than enough for him even if he’s not in a ‘real world’.

But I also want to know whether the ending is real or not. I went googling and there are tons of theories. Trust me, try Google it out and you’ll know what I mean.
I believe the ending is real because he got to see his children faces, the totem is slightly wobbling->it could stop spinning even though we can’t say for certain that the totem is the way of verifying it’s reality or not.

According to what I’ve read, the kids may have look to be wearing the same clothes but they’re wearing different shoes. I’m not sure about that because I have to see it again to be able to confirm it. In credits, James and Phillipa were played by two different actors, James being 20 months and another one being 3 years old. While Phillipa is credited being 3 and 5 years old.
Meaning to say here, that Cobb has safely returned to reality where he meets his children again after years.

Overall I’m satisfied with how the movie itself makes you think and it’s explained in every detail of the story. It’s a must watch for those of you who like this kind of movie.

I’m definitely going to watch it again when DVD comes out.

P/s: I’ve watched Despicable Me in 3D. The 3D images weren’t that cool but the cartoon itself is funny and I effing love the kids. They are so cute I’m going to die. (They are so fluffffyyy I’m going to die) Remember this line? Hehehe.

Joseph Gordon Levitt does look like Heath Ledger..=]

Viva La Espana

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ole Ole Ole..Que Viva Espana.
I’m beyond happy. For the 1st time ever, Spain has won the world cup, 2010 World Cup. This is hard to repeat. I’m super glad. I guess the whole Spain is filled with joyous tears. The feeling is just like what I had 2 years ago when they’ve won the 08 Euro Cup. But it’s a bit different. I think they deserved to win it, well of course I would say that, I’m their huge fan. =]

They have lost their opening match against Swiss, I was sad that time as lot of people hammered me with negative thoughts about them. And now that they have won the cup, I couldn’t stop smiling. I could do the same to them but I’m not one of them. Don’t let us be like them. That’s what I learn in my life.
If people talk bad about you, strike you with hate words, don’t bother to avenge on them. They’re not worth it. In fact, it will make you look just like one of them. Don’t let that happen, you’re way too high for them.

This is FIFA. You can complaint all you want but the winner is still Spain. Winning or losing is a tradition in every match. Even though I was not satisfied with how the game went, you know too many cards.
If I’m not mistaken, there were 13-14 yellow cards with one red card followed after 2nd yellow card being shown to Heitinga.

Howard Webb was indeed a pain in the ass as he made quite number of mistakes here and there but for the Dutch to put blame on him is ridiculous.
Their behaviour was intolerable. They have played rough. I think Webb was being lenient enough not to send De Jong with his karate-kid on Alonso.
But come to think of it, it was wise decision as I think that was not intentional, so only yellow card is being shown. However for Heitinga 2nd yellow card, it was not supposed to be like that.

I think Webb is bias. He looks like he was on Spain’s side. It’s good for a Spain’s supporter, but it was hard to swallow as well seeing the Dutch is getting furious by his actions. I know it was hard to handle both teams that have the possibility of cheating. I know why Dutch were furious after Heitinga was sent off. But you know this is football.

I’m glad that both Arsenal players were on the pitch although Cesc came late but he was sure to spice things a bit with great shots but still couldn’t score. But thanks to him Iniesta scored the beautiful goal.
For Robin Van Persie (RVP), it’s like there’s no sign of him on the pitch. It felt like the Dutch didn’t want to pass to him.

Hurmm whatever it is, the result is still Spain 1-0 Holland. I’m still glad that Spain has won it. Casillas is indeed still one of the good goalkeepers in the world. This has made my day.

Congrats to Spain for the 1st time being crowned as World Cup Champion and for the FIFA fair play award.

Congrats to Thomas Muller (Germany) for the Golden Boot and Young Player award.

Congrats to Diego Forlan (Uruguay) for the Golden Ball award.

Congrats to Iker Casillas (Spain) for the Golden Glove award.

Congrats to David Villa (Spain) for the Silver Boot + Bronze Ball award and Wesley Sneijder (Holland) for Bronze Boot and Silver Ball award.

Thomas Muller has a promising future ahead of him. He won the Golden Boot for having more assists than Villa and Sneijder.

P/s: Now I’m looking forward for 1st Arsenal’s match on 15th August. Arsenal vs. Liverpool.

No title for this one. Heh?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hurm..Recently I wonder why every time I open my blog, my antivirus would detect some kind of virus and ask me to terminate it. I've never encounter this kind of thing before. So there must be something off in my blog, right? But still I have no idea what would be the cause. NVM.

Well after Robocon has ended, now there's new contest which is Robogamez.
If you're interested go and check this site.

the theme for this year is: Rising of the Silent Tower: Resist or Surrender II

well I guess it's the continuation of last year's theme.

I'm on my holiday so basically nothing much has happened.
I’ve been filling my time by watching Naruto Shippuden, some movies, and of course World Cup.

I must say this world cup is so unexpected seeing top names have been sent off with the likes of Brazil, Argentina, France, Italy, England and etc. But still both my favourite teams are still in, Spain and Germany. And they’re going to fight against each other in semi final. Well anyone remember Euro 2008 Final? What a repeat. Spain won 1-0 and all thanks to Torres.

But then there are young players in both team especially Germany so this match is going to be different from Euro 08 final.

As usual, I’m torn in between to support which one since both are my favourite. But heck I’m still gonna support Spain since this is my 1st team. Congrats to them for making it to semi final. This is their 2nd time since 1950. Germany is always there in semi or final so there’s no shock.

I don’t mind whoever wins this match. Either way, my team is going to Final. Be it Spain or Germany. And I think they’re gonna go against Oranje in Final.

I really hope Torres is going to find his touch again. I keep saying this seeing how lethargic he is during the previous matches. He’s one of the good strikers but he’s in no form to play for this world cup. This might be due to his recent surgery. It kinda held him back at this world cup. But I still believe in El Nino. I wish Del Bosque put Fabregas, Silva on the pitch as well because you know they seem to have relied on Villa too much. Still, I hope Villa is going to make another goal.

For Germany, I know they have improved. They have young players to look out for like Ozil, Muller, Khedira, Boateng and etc. Even though Muller will not be playing for the semi but still they have Klose and Podolski. Klose has only one goal left (now 14) to be in the same level as Ronaldo (Brazil) as the top scorer for world cup. I’ve always like him in Germany ever since Kahn and Ballack era.

May the best team wins. And oh by the way David Villa is gonna beat my Spanish hero, Raul as the top goal scorer for Spain. NVM. Raul is still in my heart. =]

P/s: Schalke is now on the move to tie a deal with Raul. No Raul for Real soon..hmm