Viva La Espana

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ole Ole Ole..Que Viva Espana.
I’m beyond happy. For the 1st time ever, Spain has won the world cup, 2010 World Cup. This is hard to repeat. I’m super glad. I guess the whole Spain is filled with joyous tears. The feeling is just like what I had 2 years ago when they’ve won the 08 Euro Cup. But it’s a bit different. I think they deserved to win it, well of course I would say that, I’m their huge fan. =]

They have lost their opening match against Swiss, I was sad that time as lot of people hammered me with negative thoughts about them. And now that they have won the cup, I couldn’t stop smiling. I could do the same to them but I’m not one of them. Don’t let us be like them. That’s what I learn in my life.
If people talk bad about you, strike you with hate words, don’t bother to avenge on them. They’re not worth it. In fact, it will make you look just like one of them. Don’t let that happen, you’re way too high for them.

This is FIFA. You can complaint all you want but the winner is still Spain. Winning or losing is a tradition in every match. Even though I was not satisfied with how the game went, you know too many cards.
If I’m not mistaken, there were 13-14 yellow cards with one red card followed after 2nd yellow card being shown to Heitinga.

Howard Webb was indeed a pain in the ass as he made quite number of mistakes here and there but for the Dutch to put blame on him is ridiculous.
Their behaviour was intolerable. They have played rough. I think Webb was being lenient enough not to send De Jong with his karate-kid on Alonso.
But come to think of it, it was wise decision as I think that was not intentional, so only yellow card is being shown. However for Heitinga 2nd yellow card, it was not supposed to be like that.

I think Webb is bias. He looks like he was on Spain’s side. It’s good for a Spain’s supporter, but it was hard to swallow as well seeing the Dutch is getting furious by his actions. I know it was hard to handle both teams that have the possibility of cheating. I know why Dutch were furious after Heitinga was sent off. But you know this is football.

I’m glad that both Arsenal players were on the pitch although Cesc came late but he was sure to spice things a bit with great shots but still couldn’t score. But thanks to him Iniesta scored the beautiful goal.
For Robin Van Persie (RVP), it’s like there’s no sign of him on the pitch. It felt like the Dutch didn’t want to pass to him.

Hurmm whatever it is, the result is still Spain 1-0 Holland. I’m still glad that Spain has won it. Casillas is indeed still one of the good goalkeepers in the world. This has made my day.

Congrats to Spain for the 1st time being crowned as World Cup Champion and for the FIFA fair play award.

Congrats to Thomas Muller (Germany) for the Golden Boot and Young Player award.

Congrats to Diego Forlan (Uruguay) for the Golden Ball award.

Congrats to Iker Casillas (Spain) for the Golden Glove award.

Congrats to David Villa (Spain) for the Silver Boot + Bronze Ball award and Wesley Sneijder (Holland) for Bronze Boot and Silver Ball award.

Thomas Muller has a promising future ahead of him. He won the Golden Boot for having more assists than Villa and Sneijder.

P/s: Now I’m looking forward for 1st Arsenal’s match on 15th August. Arsenal vs. Liverpool.

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