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Monday, July 5, 2010

Hurm..Recently I wonder why every time I open my blog, my antivirus would detect some kind of virus and ask me to terminate it. I've never encounter this kind of thing before. So there must be something off in my blog, right? But still I have no idea what would be the cause. NVM.

Well after Robocon has ended, now there's new contest which is Robogamez.
If you're interested go and check this site.

the theme for this year is: Rising of the Silent Tower: Resist or Surrender II

well I guess it's the continuation of last year's theme.

I'm on my holiday so basically nothing much has happened.
I’ve been filling my time by watching Naruto Shippuden, some movies, and of course World Cup.

I must say this world cup is so unexpected seeing top names have been sent off with the likes of Brazil, Argentina, France, Italy, England and etc. But still both my favourite teams are still in, Spain and Germany. And they’re going to fight against each other in semi final. Well anyone remember Euro 2008 Final? What a repeat. Spain won 1-0 and all thanks to Torres.

But then there are young players in both team especially Germany so this match is going to be different from Euro 08 final.

As usual, I’m torn in between to support which one since both are my favourite. But heck I’m still gonna support Spain since this is my 1st team. Congrats to them for making it to semi final. This is their 2nd time since 1950. Germany is always there in semi or final so there’s no shock.

I don’t mind whoever wins this match. Either way, my team is going to Final. Be it Spain or Germany. And I think they’re gonna go against Oranje in Final.

I really hope Torres is going to find his touch again. I keep saying this seeing how lethargic he is during the previous matches. He’s one of the good strikers but he’s in no form to play for this world cup. This might be due to his recent surgery. It kinda held him back at this world cup. But I still believe in El Nino. I wish Del Bosque put Fabregas, Silva on the pitch as well because you know they seem to have relied on Villa too much. Still, I hope Villa is going to make another goal.

For Germany, I know they have improved. They have young players to look out for like Ozil, Muller, Khedira, Boateng and etc. Even though Muller will not be playing for the semi but still they have Klose and Podolski. Klose has only one goal left (now 14) to be in the same level as Ronaldo (Brazil) as the top scorer for world cup. I’ve always like him in Germany ever since Kahn and Ballack era.

May the best team wins. And oh by the way David Villa is gonna beat my Spanish hero, Raul as the top goal scorer for Spain. NVM. Raul is still in my heart. =]

P/s: Schalke is now on the move to tie a deal with Raul. No Raul for Real soon..hmm

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