Keep setting the bar higher and higher

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I’ve been busy for the past few months. Reason being is because I’ve joined Robocon which is the annual robot contest. We’re defeated in round robin thus we can’t go to next round. It’s quite disappointing knowing that we could have done it a little bit better.

We’ve encountered few problems during the contest thus we didn’t or we could not do well enough to score some points. It’s disheartening because we’re close to finish everything but then it was totally not our luck. I believe everything happens for a reason. Losing this contest makes a bridge to keep setting the bar higher and higher.

We’ve been preparing for our robots for quite a few months and there were lot of things going on. We’ve learned lot of things as we made our robots from scratch, the mechanical parts like rivet, drilling, cutting, filing, and etc. The electronics parts like motor driver circuit, rgb circuit, pic based circuit and etc. The programming parts as well.

Overall, I’m overjoyed that this thing has finally come to an end meaning that I have some free time to do other things. But in the same time, I’m sad for not being able to score some points. It was our mistakes after all. Last minute setup was totally messed up. But hey the journey was fun. Looking at the bright side, we’ve learned lot of things and there’s no single regret of joining this contest. For those of you, who really like about robotic kind of things, try to join this contest and you’ll know what I mean.

My greatest congratulation goes to UTM who have won the ABU ROBOCON 2010 in Malaysia. They will go to Egypt soon and will represent Malaysia in ABU ROBOCON 2010. They deserved to win this contest in every way. I’m impressed with their work. Their mechanical, electronics are all impeccable. In fact, they’ve made me think there are still lot of things to be learned out there. One good thing about their team is they’re friendly and generous in sharing their knowledge. Ask anything to them, they will be happy to answer you.

There were some universities who bought the circuits thus I don’t really mind if they were able to go to the next round. You know buying and doing it all alone is a huge different. If you do it all by yourselves, you’ve got to learn it a little bit more rather than just studying it based on bought circuits.

Overall I think there are still more things to learn and of course we will always keep setting the bar higher and higher. Gaining knowledge is as important as living in this world. Keep moving forward seem fit to be our motto as in ‘Meet the Robinsons’ movie. =]

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