Lagenda Budak Setan

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I went to watch Lagenda Budak Setan today. Well honestly the movie definitely didn't live up to my expectations, but I did not expect it to.

Spoiler Alert

The cinematography is cool and beautiful. The music is good as well. You know it reflects the story and all but the acting? Not so much. Farid Kamil is not that good at the beginning but he gets better towards the end. Lisa Surihani is stiff and honestly I could not feel the sadness. She’s indeed pretty but she still can’t act. No offense. But I believe she’s getting better..

Credit goes to Que Haidar. I’m impressed. He’s good. In fact, his part is the only part when I started to feel something; you know angriness, sadness, terrified feelings and sorts. Oh not to forget the beautiful Fazura.
She’s pretty good for a supporting role. Raja Farah is good too. She shed real tears compared to Lisa.
Remember the part in their room? Ayu is supposed to cry wholeheartedly knowing that she’s going to marry Azmi without Kasyah’s consent.
But she doesn’t shed a single tear just a loud crying voice. Suzanna, her best friend cried for real. So it kinda kills my mood to actually feel the sadness or the emptiness and bla bla.

I think they dubbed Lisa’s voice to Amelia’s (I don’t know her name in real life) since I notice Lisa can’t pronounce ‘r’ in a correct term. If they did dub the voice, I must say it was quite good.
But if they didn’t, mind me for being deaf. HAHA

Whatever it is, the movie’s now showing in cinema.
Go and watch it. But as usual for novel readers, don’t expect too much.
The story is too short and fast. It would take 4 hours and more to fit every single thing in the movie. So there will be lots of plot hole and jumping plot. I’m creating my own words now. Blergh..

P/s: I’m disgusted, sickened at the violence employed by Israel.

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