Keep setting the bar higher and higher

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I’ve been busy for the past few months. Reason being is because I’ve joined Robocon which is the annual robot contest. We’re defeated in round robin thus we can’t go to next round. It’s quite disappointing knowing that we could have done it a little bit better.

We’ve encountered few problems during the contest thus we didn’t or we could not do well enough to score some points. It’s disheartening because we’re close to finish everything but then it was totally not our luck. I believe everything happens for a reason. Losing this contest makes a bridge to keep setting the bar higher and higher.

We’ve been preparing for our robots for quite a few months and there were lot of things going on. We’ve learned lot of things as we made our robots from scratch, the mechanical parts like rivet, drilling, cutting, filing, and etc. The electronics parts like motor driver circuit, rgb circuit, pic based circuit and etc. The programming parts as well.

Overall, I’m overjoyed that this thing has finally come to an end meaning that I have some free time to do other things. But in the same time, I’m sad for not being able to score some points. It was our mistakes after all. Last minute setup was totally messed up. But hey the journey was fun. Looking at the bright side, we’ve learned lot of things and there’s no single regret of joining this contest. For those of you, who really like about robotic kind of things, try to join this contest and you’ll know what I mean.

My greatest congratulation goes to UTM who have won the ABU ROBOCON 2010 in Malaysia. They will go to Egypt soon and will represent Malaysia in ABU ROBOCON 2010. They deserved to win this contest in every way. I’m impressed with their work. Their mechanical, electronics are all impeccable. In fact, they’ve made me think there are still lot of things to be learned out there. One good thing about their team is they’re friendly and generous in sharing their knowledge. Ask anything to them, they will be happy to answer you.

There were some universities who bought the circuits thus I don’t really mind if they were able to go to the next round. You know buying and doing it all alone is a huge different. If you do it all by yourselves, you’ve got to learn it a little bit more rather than just studying it based on bought circuits.

Overall I think there are still more things to learn and of course we will always keep setting the bar higher and higher. Gaining knowledge is as important as living in this world. Keep moving forward seem fit to be our motto as in ‘Meet the Robinsons’ movie. =]


Saturday, June 19, 2010

I’ve been busy these days with my final exams and I’ve been doing something else. Finally my short semester has ended but I’m worried.
I didn’t do well in my 2nd paper as I had terrible period cramps during the exam.
It was bad, like real bad. I even thought of giving up the paper. But then come to think of the consequences, it made me continue finishing the exam. If only I knew something like that would happen, I would have taken any pill before the exam started.

Still, I’m glad it’s all over and now I just have to wait for my result. That’s worrisome.

I’m still busy like a bee though. I have a huge competition next week. Hope everything’s going to be fine.

Apart from that, I still manage to allocate my time to watch World Cup. Honestly this 2010 World Cup isn’t happening like before.
It seems like everyone is not that vigorous.
Don’t you think so? Most of the matches were all dull and plainly boring I might add. But I keep on saying this is just the beginning.
I hope they’re going to keep up the pace for next coming matches.
There are quarter finals, semi finals, and …*drum roll please* Final coming up.

I’m disappointed when Spain lost to Switzerland. It was their 1st match and I’m pretty much build up that they’re gonna win the match.

But heck, you’ll never know. It’s unexpected. It’s funny how some people blamed Casillas’s girlfriend for Spain lost.

They said Casillas’s mind is distracted. Oh come on people.
If he’s professional, he would not budge a thought to his girlfriend while he’s maintaining to save the goal. Its true WAGS can be annoying sometimes but this is not a time to point finger to anyone.

It’s their lost and they have to eat it. This means that they have to win for the next matches against Honduras and Chile. They have no margin left to do anything wrong if they want to win this game.

Oh talking about Spain, I remember how pissed off I was at the referee in Germany vs. Serbia match. He’s from Spain but heck he’s being generous in giving cards.

Klose got 2 yellow cards and of course followed by red card and he was sent off.

It was shocking as I think his fouls are innocuous. After Klose’s dismissal, the team begin to lose their touch and everything seems to be wrong.
Even Podolski’s penalty was poor. I guess the referee is not welcome in Germany. They must be so pissed at the referee too.
I read some updates and guess what I found.
Apparently the referee handed out 11 red cards in 17 La Liga matches last season. Haha.

It’s a good thing Klose didn’t get a straight red card so he will only have one match suspension. He can’t play for next match Germany vs. Ghana. It’s fine though.

P/s: What happened to France and Italy?? They seem to have lost their magic. Blame the Jabulani and Vuvuzela. Hahah..xD xD

World Cup 2010 again...xD

Friday, June 11, 2010

Some of my friends have asked me about why I support Spain..Why???

Well the first ever reason why I support Spain is not because of I live in Spain because I'm not.
As a matter of fact, I've never been to Spain but I'd love to go there one day.

The big reason is because I love Raul Gonzalez. Remember him, anyone?
He's a striker for Spain. Oh gosh, you wouldn't know how much I like him.
I started to watch him play when I was still a kid, but back years ago, I didn't know his name. I just like the way he plays. That's all.
But as I grow older, coincidentally my liking for him grows as well up until now. The last time I've seen him played was in 2006. Did you know he's the all time top-scorer for Spain. =p

Even though he's no longer in the team now, I still like Spain.
I don't mind Iker Casillas being a captain. *cough cough* (Raul was the captain before).
I like Torres, Villa, Xavi, Silva, Fabregas, Iniesta and let's just say the whole team.

But I still show my support for other team like Germany, reason being is Miroslav Klose. Oh and I used to like their coach before who used to play for Germany, Jurgen Klinsmann.
I like watching
France for Thierry Henry and Nicolas Anelka.
Argentina for Messi
Brazil for Kaka, Ronaldinho
Holland for Persie, Arjen Robben
Portugal for Deco
England for Gerard, Carrick, Rooney

I guess the list goes on and on..

Here are some of the useful links for World Cup 2010.

First one is : Livescore
For football lovers, no introduction needed. All of you already know about this one.
Usually I'll go to this site when I'm busy to watch BPL matches live.

It will keep you updated with the scores..The best part is it will automatically update you with live scores, complete with who gave the goal and who got booked.
But please note, sometimes (sometimes okay) they do make mistakes here and then.
This site is not only for football, not only for BPL but for all.
If you still haven't check it out, please do so. (oh btw I love the green color for World Cup)
here's the screen shot of the site. I purposely open Group H and circled my team. Haha..I should've write 'That's my team y'all...' kekekeke. Excuse my craziness.

Second one is : Footytube
Again no introduction needed for football lovers. This site makes it easier to catch any of previous matches that you miss. You can easily download it here.
But don't worry if you miss any match from World Cup, your TV channels usually have
match repeat. Still there's like a huge different when you watch the match live and watch the repeat. Ain't it?
Repeat for me is like when you are not satisfied, you go watch the match again. Pretty much analyze it again. Or else when you are so happy because your team has won, so you watch it again to relish the feeling.
Wait, maybe it's just me. I easily feel happy or content when my team has won but if they've lost, it will affect my mood for the whole day. I'm pathetic like that. Fuh.

World Cup 2010 Echo

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Say Hi to World Cup..
--> Pepsi ad (cool one)

Are you excited for the World Cup? I’m so excited. I've got the table for this World Cup. I only get this overwhelming feeling once every 4 years. This is like a huge soccer tournament held every four years. I’m so thrilled and as usual, I’m rooting for Spain and Germany.
But then Brazil,Argentina,France,Italy seem to be compelling. I love Kaka, Messi, Henry..Blergh..I'm still rooting for Spain. I think almost everyone watch World Cup. Am I right?

Okay. That’s a total lie. Well not everyone but I think everyone knows about it even kids. Some of my friends don’t watch football, never watch BPL, La Liga and sorts but when it comes to World Cup, amazingly they’re interested to watch it.
How come? Well that’s a beauty of World Cup.
You know the World Cup is the most widely viewed sporting event in the world.

My family love football so there’s no need to worry about watching different channel or what. As a matter of fact, my dad just installed a home theater set solely for World Cup. I haven’t seen it yet as I’m stuck here in college with all my projects and final exams. Exam is coming next Monday. Frankly speaking, I can’t wait to get home and watch World Cup. Kyaaa

Since BPL season has ended, World Cup is perfect to fill my ‘not-so-free’ time. =]
For the mean time, I have to watch it streaming. When I go back home, I'm going to make sure there's a huge space for me to lie and watch it comfortably. =]

By the way here is the mascot.


Zakumi (born 16 June 1994 (age 15)) is the Official Mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He is cheerful and sporty leopard with green hair, presented on 22 September 2008. His name comes from "ZA", the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for South Africa, and "kumi", a word that means ten in several African languages.

P/s: Do you support which team?

Loathe Is Not Anger

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I despise copycats. Enough said.
Loathe is still not anger.

Lagenda Budak Setan

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I went to watch Lagenda Budak Setan today. Well honestly the movie definitely didn't live up to my expectations, but I did not expect it to.

Spoiler Alert

The cinematography is cool and beautiful. The music is good as well. You know it reflects the story and all but the acting? Not so much. Farid Kamil is not that good at the beginning but he gets better towards the end. Lisa Surihani is stiff and honestly I could not feel the sadness. She’s indeed pretty but she still can’t act. No offense. But I believe she’s getting better..

Credit goes to Que Haidar. I’m impressed. He’s good. In fact, his part is the only part when I started to feel something; you know angriness, sadness, terrified feelings and sorts. Oh not to forget the beautiful Fazura.
She’s pretty good for a supporting role. Raja Farah is good too. She shed real tears compared to Lisa.
Remember the part in their room? Ayu is supposed to cry wholeheartedly knowing that she’s going to marry Azmi without Kasyah’s consent.
But she doesn’t shed a single tear just a loud crying voice. Suzanna, her best friend cried for real. So it kinda kills my mood to actually feel the sadness or the emptiness and bla bla.

I think they dubbed Lisa’s voice to Amelia’s (I don’t know her name in real life) since I notice Lisa can’t pronounce ‘r’ in a correct term. If they did dub the voice, I must say it was quite good.
But if they didn’t, mind me for being deaf. HAHA

Whatever it is, the movie’s now showing in cinema.
Go and watch it. But as usual for novel readers, don’t expect too much.
The story is too short and fast. It would take 4 hours and more to fit every single thing in the movie. So there will be lots of plot hole and jumping plot. I’m creating my own words now. Blergh..

P/s: I’m disgusted, sickened at the violence employed by Israel.