Saturday, June 19, 2010

I’ve been busy these days with my final exams and I’ve been doing something else. Finally my short semester has ended but I’m worried.
I didn’t do well in my 2nd paper as I had terrible period cramps during the exam.
It was bad, like real bad. I even thought of giving up the paper. But then come to think of the consequences, it made me continue finishing the exam. If only I knew something like that would happen, I would have taken any pill before the exam started.

Still, I’m glad it’s all over and now I just have to wait for my result. That’s worrisome.

I’m still busy like a bee though. I have a huge competition next week. Hope everything’s going to be fine.

Apart from that, I still manage to allocate my time to watch World Cup. Honestly this 2010 World Cup isn’t happening like before.
It seems like everyone is not that vigorous.
Don’t you think so? Most of the matches were all dull and plainly boring I might add. But I keep on saying this is just the beginning.
I hope they’re going to keep up the pace for next coming matches.
There are quarter finals, semi finals, and …*drum roll please* Final coming up.

I’m disappointed when Spain lost to Switzerland. It was their 1st match and I’m pretty much build up that they’re gonna win the match.

But heck, you’ll never know. It’s unexpected. It’s funny how some people blamed Casillas’s girlfriend for Spain lost.

They said Casillas’s mind is distracted. Oh come on people.
If he’s professional, he would not budge a thought to his girlfriend while he’s maintaining to save the goal. Its true WAGS can be annoying sometimes but this is not a time to point finger to anyone.

It’s their lost and they have to eat it. This means that they have to win for the next matches against Honduras and Chile. They have no margin left to do anything wrong if they want to win this game.

Oh talking about Spain, I remember how pissed off I was at the referee in Germany vs. Serbia match. He’s from Spain but heck he’s being generous in giving cards.

Klose got 2 yellow cards and of course followed by red card and he was sent off.

It was shocking as I think his fouls are innocuous. After Klose’s dismissal, the team begin to lose their touch and everything seems to be wrong.
Even Podolski’s penalty was poor. I guess the referee is not welcome in Germany. They must be so pissed at the referee too.
I read some updates and guess what I found.
Apparently the referee handed out 11 red cards in 17 La Liga matches last season. Haha.

It’s a good thing Klose didn’t get a straight red card so he will only have one match suspension. He can’t play for next match Germany vs. Ghana. It’s fine though.

P/s: What happened to France and Italy?? They seem to have lost their magic. Blame the Jabulani and Vuvuzela. Hahah..xD xD

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