World Cup 2010 again...xD

Friday, June 11, 2010

Some of my friends have asked me about why I support Spain..Why???

Well the first ever reason why I support Spain is not because of I live in Spain because I'm not.
As a matter of fact, I've never been to Spain but I'd love to go there one day.

The big reason is because I love Raul Gonzalez. Remember him, anyone?
He's a striker for Spain. Oh gosh, you wouldn't know how much I like him.
I started to watch him play when I was still a kid, but back years ago, I didn't know his name. I just like the way he plays. That's all.
But as I grow older, coincidentally my liking for him grows as well up until now. The last time I've seen him played was in 2006. Did you know he's the all time top-scorer for Spain. =p

Even though he's no longer in the team now, I still like Spain.
I don't mind Iker Casillas being a captain. *cough cough* (Raul was the captain before).
I like Torres, Villa, Xavi, Silva, Fabregas, Iniesta and let's just say the whole team.

But I still show my support for other team like Germany, reason being is Miroslav Klose. Oh and I used to like their coach before who used to play for Germany, Jurgen Klinsmann.
I like watching
France for Thierry Henry and Nicolas Anelka.
Argentina for Messi
Brazil for Kaka, Ronaldinho
Holland for Persie, Arjen Robben
Portugal for Deco
England for Gerard, Carrick, Rooney

I guess the list goes on and on..

Here are some of the useful links for World Cup 2010.

First one is : Livescore
For football lovers, no introduction needed. All of you already know about this one.
Usually I'll go to this site when I'm busy to watch BPL matches live.

It will keep you updated with the scores..The best part is it will automatically update you with live scores, complete with who gave the goal and who got booked.
But please note, sometimes (sometimes okay) they do make mistakes here and then.
This site is not only for football, not only for BPL but for all.
If you still haven't check it out, please do so. (oh btw I love the green color for World Cup)
here's the screen shot of the site. I purposely open Group H and circled my team. Haha..I should've write 'That's my team y'all...' kekekeke. Excuse my craziness.

Second one is : Footytube
Again no introduction needed for football lovers. This site makes it easier to catch any of previous matches that you miss. You can easily download it here.
But don't worry if you miss any match from World Cup, your TV channels usually have
match repeat. Still there's like a huge different when you watch the match live and watch the repeat. Ain't it?
Repeat for me is like when you are not satisfied, you go watch the match again. Pretty much analyze it again. Or else when you are so happy because your team has won, so you watch it again to relish the feeling.
Wait, maybe it's just me. I easily feel happy or content when my team has won but if they've lost, it will affect my mood for the whole day. I'm pathetic like that. Fuh.

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