Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Seven Collar T-Shirt is my favourite local band!!

I've been waiting for their new video ever since last Raya since they kinda promised it as a Raya gift to their fans but yeah maybe they had some problems hence delaying the release of the video.

When I read their tweet about the release of their new video, I clicked their link and yeah, finally after quite a long wait, the video is finally out. One word, awesome! I guess this is Xmas gift.

I like the video as much as I like the song. This song, Fragile is my favourite from their latest album, The Great Battle.

Here's the video. Enjoy!!

I will never let you die, dear
And tonight I’ll be close by
I will never leave you hungry
For the crimes of this wasted love

The news should never leave you worried
You’re innocent like a work of art
Truth should never be allowed to live out loud
It will break us apart

In time

I will find the best in me
And I will find the strength to be immune
If only I could

I know you’re fragile

I will never let u die, will never let you try

Thrilled and Excited

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pirates Of The Carribean : On Stranger Tides

Remember my post about looking forward to see the trailer: Teaser

Oh now I'm so looking forward to this movie. Even without Elizabeth and Will Turner, I'm effing excited with Jack Sparrow. Yeah I still love Jack Sparrow or even Johnny Depp alone for that matter. Hahahaha.
Jack still hasn't lost his wit charm.

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Well how can you say NO to the third installment of Transformers??? I can hardly say NO.
I'm looking forward to 7th July 2011. Heheh.
Btw, for those who watched this movie because of Megan Fox, I'm glad to say that there will be no Megan Fox in the 3rd installment but you'll get to see another hot girl, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a Victoria's Secret model.
There were so many rumors about who will play the role of Carly, and now that we know, we just have to wait for the film to see if she can act or not. Haha.
By the way, I don't care about her. I care about the robots. Who's the robot seen on the moon?? Could it be Unicron, Alpha Trion or even Shockwave?? Dang.. I need to know..!! Haha
Cant wait to see the upgraded Autobots. Yeah.. =)

P.s: 2,354,988 views and counting for this trailer.

TRON Inspired

I think it looks kinda cool. But it's not easy to do it in a split second. Haha

I like TRON but haven't watch the sequel yet. I've watched the 1st TRON, the 1982 film. Haha I wasn't even born at that time but yeah you know with technology and stuff, you can simply download it or such to watch it.
In my case, I got it from my brother. Anyway, with TRON being the no.1 on the Box Office list with $43.6M, I figure maybe you guys wanna check the video. Haha.

For more details, you can check out this site:

P.s: It's just about bag. xD

Smile Like You Mean It

Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Everyone in this whole wide world should smile every day. I mean what harm does smiling do in your life? It doesn't even cost you a dime.
I smile a lot and I smile to everyone even to stranger. But you know sometimes, it irks me that when you smile to someone, that someone didn't even care to smile back at you. Oh come on, if you're a stranger, it makes sense. You wouldn't want to just smile to any random stranger or maybe waiting for some feedback from random stranger. Yeah, that one is somehow weird.
I'm talking about people you know, people who is around you. Classmates, ex-classmates, friend of friend or anyone that is in your bubble life. You'll likely get to say Hello, Hi or whatever to people that is close to you but what about people you barely knew, I mean you knew her/him somewhere but you guys are not even close, or never talk to each other before.
What would you do if you see them? Well, be polite and offer a smile. Not a frown even a fake smile won't do. Well you can always spot a fake smile.
I've always smile but somehow sometimes, people don't smile back at you. Ugh. Do I have to pay you to earn that beautiful smile of yours? Of course not!
Sometimes I wonder is it so hard for one to just smile back? Regardless of who he/she is, if someone offers you a smile, be polite and smile back. Yeah, you don't even know that person but that doesn't mean you can't smile back. In fact, for crying out loud, smiling back or offering a smile has nothing to do with flirting, or being crazy.
Yeah, for some narrow-minded people, something like this will likely occur to them when they see someone's offering a smile:
-Oh she's flirting with him/ he's flirting with me
-Oh I don't even know her but she's smiling at me, what the heck.
-0h we're just classmate for God's sake, not even a close friend.
-Oh I hate him.
Nah, don't set your mind like that. It's not like everyone has a hidden agenda when they're smiling at you.
I've always feel unhappy when someone didn't smile back at me. It usually happens when you smile at random stranger (That's acceptable though), or even to some people like your ex-classmates, friend of friend and such. Maybe they're having one of their bad days so I can't punish them or even judge them like that. There's a reason for everything that we do right? =)
Whatever that is, for people out there who has a big heart, please just offer a smile and do smile back. It takes a second to smile but it takes forever to forget that one sincere smile.
Smile, even if it’s a sad smile, because sadder than a sad smile is the sadness of not knowing how to smile.~Jean de La Fontaine

Nobody needs a smile so much as the one who has none to give. So get used to smiling heart-warming smiles, and you will spread sunshine in a sometimes dreary world. ~Lawrence G. Lovasik
Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. ~Thich Nhat Hanh
P.s: I don't have a heart not to smile back if someone smiles at me even if I don't fancy her/him.

Same old, same old

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yup, we've lost the match. A draw would have been better. But yeah same old, same old. We didn't create as much of a chance anyway. It's quite depressing somehow. image
I'm disappointed but I kinda expected it. You know same old, same old.
We were certainly not outclassed by MU, but yeah they didn't have to anyway. Poor performance; poor in defense, midfield and attack as well. The only good thing was the goalkeeper. Szczesny was doing good.
Note to Wenger, you should really start to think more about the tactic rather than mere philosophy.
But regardless of everything, I'm still a Gooner for life. Still Arsenal at heart. =) Cheers.
P/s: To my Red Devils' friends, don't you dare to text me today.. Period.


Monday, December 13, 2010

As of today, I'm supposed to be at college since today, the new semester has begun. But I'm still at home, came back home last weekend just for the sake of watching football match later at 4.00 am. Yeah, we have to wake up at 4.00 am just to watch football match. Time difference kinda sucks. It's a big match between MU and Arsenal. Regardless of who wins it, I'm still gonna cheer for my team. Besides, my family is a huge supporter of MU especially my dad. Hence, who wins the match does not matter. But of course, I would want Arsenal to win it. Even a draw would be enough. Let's see. If we lose, I'm gonna be all gloomy for the rest of the day. As for me, I want Arsenal to win the league; you know we should really end this trophy drought. But hey winning or losing is a tradition of every game. There are no guarantees that we are gonna win this one. Just keep the faith. =) We have a very long way to go.

Speaking of going back to college, tomorrow morning I have to get back. We need to choose our Final Year Project (FYP) topic and I do hope we'll get the topic that we want. I have to apologize to my partner for not being able to be there today. Huu. Starting tomorrow as well, we're gonna start making our firefighting robot and yeah I'm gonna be real busy again.

This semester I'm so excited since I'm taking Robotics subject. According to our flowchart, we're supposed to take this one next semester, our final semester but you know I've never really follow the chart anyway. This semester is gonna be tough too since this is 2nd last semester. You know they say it'll get harder towards the end. Though I'm a bit disappointed since I can't take MicroElectromechanical System (MEMS) subject. I even went to see our HOD regarding this subject and he said this subject is no longer offered for the last 2 years. Gosh, I wonder how come no one is interested to take this subject? If only more people like it, our department would have at least offered the course. Nevermind though, I've replaced this subject with MicroController Based Design. We're gonna learn more about 18F.

I'm sort of thinking of taking a language class at night and I'm considering Mandarin or Japanese. Mandarin is another important language. Besides, I've always wanted to be able to speak in Chinese. But I prefer Cantonese actually. Boo..Japanese is okay too, I've been in the Japanese craze for a while back 3-4 years ago. I even learned the language by myself, just some basic things. But now, I barely remember a thing about it. Anyhow, I'm not planning to take the credited language subject, just the usual paid language class with exams will do. =)

I promise myself I'll make sure that I have time for everything. I need to start doing things accordingly, no more procrastination (if that's possible,haha) and yeah a lil' note to my grades:

Dear Grades, I hope you'll get better soon. I don't want to see Mr. B anymore. Not even one! (*_^)

P/s: I'm gonna sleep with my Arsenal's jersey tonight. xD

The Light Of The Moon

I'm a sucker for TV series and having said that, The Vampire Diaries (TVD) is in my list too. I've never really blog about how I think about the series. So here it is. At first, I didn't really like Damon since you know I think he has too many facial expressions and I kinda hate him doing that. And I don't like Stefan too up until now. But yeah towards the end of season 1, I started to like Damon and now in season 2, I like him even more. In fact, I want him to be with Elena. Yeah, I'm in Delena ship. Ugh that sounds wrong. Haha.

Season 1 for me was not that good and I think that's just a platform for them to introduce the characters to us, or maybe a better way to say it, the characters are all developing. Okay honestly I can't really remember season 1 since I've watched it quite a long time ago. And I don't really like to replay the series all over again. The only series I could replay all over again would be sitcom like F.R.I.E.N.D.S or HIMYM. Oh White Collar is an exception too.

Now I've finished watching season 2 of TVD with episode 11, The Light Of The Moon being the last episode for this year. We have to wait till 27th January 2011 for the next coming episode 12. Here's the prome of coming episode 12, The Descent.

I like TVD, 1st because of the vampire-related stories. I used to love vampires so much but now I've come back to my senses like 'Duh, vampires do not even exist!!'. Haha. Just like how I used to like Twilight when the 1st movie came out but not anymore. The 'like' somehow turns to 'hate' due to inevitable reasons. Blergh.
But still, I like watching the series. The series always keep on going to be more interesting and more interesting. Each episode always has a good story involving lot of things; love, sadness, madness, creepiness, and such. To make it even good, the music usually fits for that particular scene and it helps you to get the feeling. Ugh, that's LAME. Whatever. Haha.

And usually after I finish watching the episode (one episode per week), I'll head to the forum and read whatever theories people had in their mind regarding that episode. Trust me, you'll find a lot of it and some are ridiculous too. XD

But one thing I do remember is about Damon compelling Elena when he's trying to give Elena's necklace back to her. He confessed that he likes her but he doesn't deserve to be with her, her brother, Stefan does.

The theory is that Damon's effort to compel Elena didn't work out and Elena actually remembers that part. In earlier scene when Elena's trying to lure Elijah with vervain, she spilled some of the vervain to her body so even without her necklace, she still has some of the vervain and that would not work for Damon to compel her. Well it's something like that,

See? The theory is somewhat true if you believe it but I highly doubt that. Haha. Whatever.

I'm just saying that I love the series and I love it even more that it makes people go crazy analyzing the series and even came out with super awesome theories. Don't they have anything to do?? Haha.

For the last episode 11, here are some of my thoughts.

-I was surprised to see Elijah made a deal with Elena.

-I don't really like seeing Tyler with Caroline. I kinda want Caroline to be with Matt. xD

-For once, I thought Luka is a good one as compared to his father, but Dang, I was wrong. Poor Bonnie.

-Jules is the werewolf and I hate her. I hate her because she's Lindsey from OTH. It has nothing to do with TVD anyway. Huuu..

Actually there are tons but it would take me forever to write everything. Besides, it doesn't matter anyway since the series is so unexpected. How I wish I could read the novels but then again, I'm not an avid reader. I used to be one when I have a neighbor who owns a library of books and novels in her house. Ever since I moved, I stopped being one. As for now, I prefer something that you can see. Anime, movies, TV series, all of it would be perfect to fill my free time.

And here's the lovely song from TVD's episode 11, Longest Night.

Is it dark, where you are?
Can you count the stars where you are?
Do you feel like you are a thousand miles from home?

Are you lost, where you are?
Can you find your way when you're so far?
Do you fear, where you are?
A thousand nights alone

So here we are set into motion
We'll steal a car and crash in the ocean
You and I, caught in a fading light
On the longest night

It's enough, just to find love
It's the only thing to be sure of
So hard, to let go of
A thousand times or more
I was close to a fault line
Heaven knows, you showed up in time
Was it real?
Now I feel, like I'm never coming down

So here we are, set into motion
Steal a car, crash in the ocean
You and I, caught in a fading light
On the longest night

I recall when we were together
Even now it seems like forever
So alive caught in a fading light
On the longest night

Can we go too far to find, what is waiting here?
A little fall from grace
On the longest night

Did we go too far to find, what is waiting here?
We'll take a little time, to open again

Is it dark where you are?
Can you count the stars where you are?

P/s: I'm waiting for new episode of White Collar.

Physical world & Digital World

Friday, December 10, 2010

This is an old video (1 year ago) actually but the idea inside the video is amazing. He's an MIT student and is a creator of SixthSense which is quite similar to TelePointer developed by Steve Mann.
Regardless, the idea is so creative and genius. Try to watch the video and you'll know what I meant by that. =) Enjoy.

Of Jokes and Sense Of Humour...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

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I’m back in college and in fact, I’m now alone and kinda feel like writing something. I’ve decided to join the robotic contest (with the help of some motivation from team mates) so I came to college a week earlier as to prepare for our robot. And you know usually at this hour, we’re still at the lab so I don’t really put much thought about sleeping alone in my room in a huge empty block. Tonight we finished early since we’ve decided to start at 10am tomorrow morning so here I am living alone in my room. Yeah my friends asked me if I want to sleep at their room but you know being me, I don’t really like to sleep at someone’s room (I don’t want to bother them) so I said no. Oh wait not that, I said that I’ll try to survive and if I feel like something is not good, I’ll definitely go straight to her room. Her block is just next to my block. By the way I’m doing okay for now. It’s not like I’ve never did that before.

Well the thing that I wanna write is actually about jokes. You know there are tons of jokes, mocking jokes, funny jokes, sarcastic jokes, silly jokes and bla bla bla. I like to crack a joke and please do know that I didn’t mean any of it. I mean for silly jokes, sarcastic jokes and even mocking jokes. I mean like ‘hey, I thought it was funny’ but yeah not everyone gets it. I mean not everyone knows it’s a JOKE. Yeah, no kidding. Sometimes I was being quite harsh or rude but please to everyone who knows me, it’s just a joke. Please take it lightly and live your life. =) I know sometimes I kinda went overboard but never did I intend to do so.

For that I might have hurt you guys in any way, I’m so sorry. I get it, everyone has a feeling and sometimes a little tiny joke for you is actually a huge sensitive matter that you shouldn’t even touch. I know. Been there, done that. But it was just a slip of the tongue. Believe me; I know the time when I went a bit rude. Usually I’ll stop the jokes and go to my invisible mode for a little while and gosh, I slap my forehead 1000x times and if you could see it, you’ll see me hit my head with a huge hammer as well.

And trust me; I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been there. And being me, I’ll go apologize but you know sometimes I don’t really just go and apologize. Yeah it’s not really an easiest thing to do. Whatever that is, I’m just saying that I know sometimes I might be a tad too rude or harsh or insensitive, but hey I meant no harm to any of you. It’s just a joke. Don’t worry; every single day I’m feeling guilt-ridden for the jokes that are not meant to be jokes. But hey that’s how I roll. =) Peace.