Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Seven Collar T-Shirt is my favourite local band!!

I've been waiting for their new video ever since last Raya since they kinda promised it as a Raya gift to their fans but yeah maybe they had some problems hence delaying the release of the video.

When I read their tweet about the release of their new video, I clicked their link and yeah, finally after quite a long wait, the video is finally out. One word, awesome! I guess this is Xmas gift.

I like the video as much as I like the song. This song, Fragile is my favourite from their latest album, The Great Battle.

Here's the video. Enjoy!!

I will never let you die, dear
And tonight I’ll be close by
I will never leave you hungry
For the crimes of this wasted love

The news should never leave you worried
You’re innocent like a work of art
Truth should never be allowed to live out loud
It will break us apart

In time

I will find the best in me
And I will find the strength to be immune
If only I could

I know you’re fragile

I will never let u die, will never let you try

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