Same old, same old

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yup, we've lost the match. A draw would have been better. But yeah same old, same old. We didn't create as much of a chance anyway. It's quite depressing somehow. image
I'm disappointed but I kinda expected it. You know same old, same old.
We were certainly not outclassed by MU, but yeah they didn't have to anyway. Poor performance; poor in defense, midfield and attack as well. The only good thing was the goalkeeper. Szczesny was doing good.
Note to Wenger, you should really start to think more about the tactic rather than mere philosophy.
But regardless of everything, I'm still a Gooner for life. Still Arsenal at heart. =) Cheers.
P/s: To my Red Devils' friends, don't you dare to text me today.. Period.

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