Narnia again...

Friday, August 29, 2008

haha..i just finish my mid term exams yesterday..i have lots of assignments actually but i just do not wanna think about it for now..i am tired of seeing numbers already so i prefer to enjoy myself a little bit after the exams..yeah,i bet all of us did the same things after exams right?..either go for a karaoke or playing games right? but i prefer to watch movie because i love movies..and yesterday,i looked at my movies collection and i found The Chronicles of Narnia prince caspian..oo i love the movie so without further ado,i watched it again..haaha..the movie never fails to cherish my day..i love skandar keynes(Edmund)..he's cute!! haha..i really love fantasy kind of movie like this one and others too like LOTR,stardust n etc..just to mention a few..i have no idea but i think we, women tends to like fantasy movies more than guys..this is true..Guys are not really into it.. maybe its because they know the story is not real after all..its just fantasies which do not exist in this real world..I once got into a fight with my guy friend who hate watching fantasy movies as he said why we should waste our time to watch something we know is not real and does not exist?? was funny because i do not really care whether it exist or not..i just like it so im going for not hate me because i love things like that..haha..back to yesterday matter,"narnia again?" that was what my friend said to me when she saw me watching narnia again..i am always like this..i love watching movies again and again especially if it is one of my favorites..hahah..i wish there'll be movie marathon later in cinema like they did for LOTR..can't wait for it..but i know this movie is still considered as new one because this is one of the 08 movies..just hoping for the marathon to come year perhaps..=]

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