Keep cool in the heat

Sunday, August 17, 2008

our weather is getting more erratic these days so we should opt for Mother Nature’s choices of healthy eats.

~Mangoes : high in vitamin C,A and E. Pop it into the fridge for a sweet treat on the afternoon

~Watermelon : re-hydrating and rejuvenating. It supplies much needed water + vitamin A + Vitamin C + iron + sodium and potassium to your body.

~Oranges : sweet source of vitamin C, electrolytes and fibre which helps neutralize the acidity in the body.

~Cucumber : keeps the heat away. This popular veggie’s cooling properties will counter any heat, be it weather or food.

~Barley : it has a reputation of keeping things cool and no wonder , when boiled with sugar and lime, it becomes a delicious drink on a hot and humid day. =]

~Peppermint : mix it with lemon in a hot cup of water for a refreshing caffeine-free brew. You can add ice if u prefer cold drink.

~ Green mung bean : green mung bean soup is served everywhere in South East Asia as a cooling antidote to the region’s blistering weather.

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