smoking is never good

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Smoking is common these days and in fact, some people (narrow-minded people) think that any person who is not a smoker is outdated, not fun at all and etc. This is true since I have some girl friends that are among these kinds of people. As for me, they are the ones who are not fun at all because they are shortening their life with smoking habits. Get the facts okay.. Smoking is not good. It has never been good. But I know once u have tried, its hard for you to quit as it is addictive. Try not to start is the safest way to do. If you’re a smoker and want to quit, you can try to motivate yourself first like you can save the money you’d spend on cigar. Let’s say your cigar is RM7.50 per pack and a pack per week comes to RM360 per year. It’s a lot that you can even use that money to splurge on a hot new outfit or maybe a diamante watch. For people who haven’t try it just yet, better not to even think of it and bear these facts in your mind.

It can cause weight gain: a study found that college smokers weigh more than nonsmokers. Smoke damages the tiny air sacs in the lungs- so a smoker gets out of breath more quickly, which makes it harder to exercise.

It can hurt your grades : Smoker’s brain have adapted to functioning with nicotine – so when a smoker gets a craving and can’t smoke, yeah like when she’s in the class or in the middle of examination, her brain doesn’t work as well, and her memory suffers.

It’s depressing: Teens who light up are four times more likely to become depressed than those who don’t. Scientists say smoking may lower serotonin (you “feel good” chemical).

It worsens acne: Nicotine ups stress hormones, which speed oil production – clogging pores and causing more breakouts.

3 response(s):

Mujie said...

After almost 11 years, I'm quit. I was so happy, this like a miracle.

whibley said...

yeah..u're strong enough that u can quit..its good for u though and i'm happy for u too..

mujie said...

Thanks Whibley. For the first to third day, I get frustated because of nicotine effect. But, for the name of health, I should and must do this, LoL.