Alice in Wonderland on 3D film

Saturday, June 27, 2009

note: all images are the properties of Tim Burton himself so the credit goes for him.

A big yeah for me..!! I saw it on E! about this upcoming film starring Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway and etc..I'm insanely thrilled considering Johnny Depp will be starring in this film. I love him. I mean who would not love him right? He's cool, a versatile actor and yes he's too hot to resist..haha..I once read in a magazine about what he said about his ambitions..

"I'd like to grow into being a traditional old man, with a beer belly, and sitting on the veranda of our place in France, just staring out over the lawns...”'s so sweet seeing his vision is like that. I'd probably married a guy who has the same thoughts as him which I haven't found yet..hahaaa..Wuteve..I'm excited to see this movie because it's Alice in Wonderland, the famous childhood story. I still remember it was actually the first storybook my mom had ever bought for me. I love the story when I was a little girl and I still do. Besides this is Tim Burton's movie so I have a hunch that this movie is going to be good as good as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Edward Scissorhands. These are all the previous films Tim collaborated with Johnny Depp. Well I've made myself clear why I'm looking forward into seeing this movie. Plus it is also interesting to note that the casting of Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, Micheal Sheen as the White Rabbit and the list goes on. FYI for those who don't know, Micheal Sheen is the one who played Lucian in the whole three Underworlds films while Anne Hathaway is famous for her role in both Princess Diaries as well as The Devil Wears Prada. Grrr..I'm freaking excited and the excitement gets stronger when I catch a glimpse of this film's official still images.
So behold Johnny Depp fans, we still have to wait until next year..=] xoxo

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LazyKing said...

JOhnny deep is a genius, and humble and excellent actor.
ANne Hathaway, WOW. She can call me anytime, anywhere. LOL I should stop day-dreaming now!!

I can't wait for this movie because Tim is also a genius.

great post

whibley said...

thanks dude..well mybe we should stop day dreaming..u want Anne Hathaway while I want Johnny Depp..haha..yeah..can't wait for this movie..!!

LazyKing said...

I have the feeling this movie will win an Oscar for Best customs.

Another Blogger said...

I always love to see Johny Deep, from 21 jump street :) I'll wait this movie coming to my country..

whibley said...

yeah..i hope they win the best costume award..hehe..yeah..we still can't get over 21 jump street even though it was quite a long time ago..

riddikulus said...

AK PON SAWAN TGK ANNE HATHAWAY (bkn jhnny depp) ahahahahah!! TP I LIKE HIM! MUKE DIA SGT WEIRD+PYSCHO YG SGT SESWAI NK BLAKON CTE NI! PWAHAHAH (masih fobia ngan dia smnjak tgk adward the scissorhands) -_-

whibley said...

haha..ko xsbr ngk anne seius seyh cun gile dorg make over..anne hathaway jd white queen..johnny depp lg la..da jd cm a bit of elijah wood + madonna..hahaha

natazya said...


im waiting for this movie!!! indonesia doesnt really provide this great kind of movie!

bet this wud be really great!

whibley said...

yeah..i think it'd be great..=]

jiggins said...

This looks extremely SWEEEEEEET and amazing. I hadn't heard of it. Great blog you got here. Stop by
Splitting Tens and say HI!

whibley said...

yeah..maybe because it does not come out yet..wait till next year ya..maybe they will be lots of advertisement about this film since Johnny Depp, Micheal Sheen and Anne Hathaway are the cast..=]