scarlett johansson is singing?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Have u guys watch the video? Well the video is great but Scarlett’s singing? Where am I? Which era am I? Yeah...i do appreciate her as an actress.In fact,I’ve watched all her movies.Just name it,The Other Boleyn Girl,Black Dahlia n etc.just to name a few.
But I just can’t accept the fact that she’s trying her luck in singing. Its not like Scarlett’s voice is sucks but I do not really like her voice. Or maybe it’s not her voice but the music itself. I don’t know much about music to say that the music is not working. Who am I to say that? I don’t even study music, I’m an engineering student.haha...I’ve watched this video a couple of times because I thought it might affect my liking though it is not. You know, sometimes we did not like the song just because that was our first time listening to it. But after we listen to it every single day, we’ll eventually like it and it’ll become our favorite.However, this is not applicable to Scarlett’s song. I have no idea what’s wrong with me but I totally think the song does not suit her at all. There are few people who like Scarlett’s song but there are few of them who did not like it too. I guess this is just so common as she’s trying something new. So it is still new to us that we cannot even accept it. Not ‘we’, but I am the only one who felt that way..haha.. I have no idea who told her that she can sing because it seems like she just cannot. No offense Scarlett. This is just my own opinion. I still love you as an actress and all of us still love to see you in screen especially guys! Haaha. I think you should just focus more on your acting career alone instead of singing.

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