Mr. Wrong again????

Sunday, July 20, 2008

another man? another dissapointment...?finally,u've met ur mr.right guy..the perfect one n evrythg is picture-perfect..but soon,the first cracks begins to appear..u wish dat u've never been in this relationship..u juz looking for the exit signs..but 1st thg 1st,dont panic..u can still fix the relationship n u may have not hooked up with wrong person..1st,u must leave all those negative attitudes,opinions, and fears...for example,if ur man asked u to stay apart for a while,u'll find that he's actly leaving u because u already put the 'Man always leave' input in ur mind..but it might not be true after all..he maybe needs some time for him to enjoy doing things on his own but u'll never think bout it? u'll always think that he's sick being with u..opt for positive ones hunn..!! then when ur partner is showing some appreciation towards u..mybe a lot of appreciation or love perhaps like calling u over trivial matters,buying u foods evry single time n day n not run away from these thgs..but give urself a chance to see how it feels to be liked,to be loved..n then u always getting dumped by a guy u thought is head over heels in love with u..this is the might be the way u're handling the relationship..mybe u r a kind of secretive ppl who do not really wanna share ur probs with him..u still have these negative thinkings in ur mind~~"what he'll think of me if i said dat i couldnt handle this,couldn't do this.." dun worry..if u share,he'll be willing to help u n this helps u to brighten the relationship..because guys always wanted to do good thgs for his girl..they'll feel more like a man if they can help the point is,do not make ur relationship boring and mundane with ur attitude..and try to respect his opinion as well..mybe u r better than him..u r intelligent n smart enough to argue bout his opinion..but still, this is wrong..instead,u should try to listen to his first n do not disagree or offer for a better solution...haahaa

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