the dark knight

Friday, July 25, 2008

I went to the cinema yesterday to watch this movie and thanks God that the hall is full because I still remember a few months ago where I went to pavilion to watch ‘gone baby gone’ with my friends. And surprisingly there were only two of us. At first, we were quite afraid that we just want to go out and burn the ticket just like that. But we still wanted to watch the movie after all.yeah we wanna see Casey Affleck.Instead of feeling afraid, we make ourselves feels like home...yeah with huge hall but just the two of you watching a movie? Does not it feel like home? whatever. Forget about it. I just want to express my satisfaction here.Yeah, I’m so satisfied that I watched dark knight. Worth the 12bucks for 3hours movie.n gee, now I know why people are calling the late Heath Ledger for an Oscar. He did a great job by taking this character, at least before he passed away. The Joker is so annoying and pathetic yeah, he is a troubled psycho too.Well done Heath Ledger. This is definitely a tribute for you!! R.I.P Heath. We all love you. And with this movie, people will definitely remember you. If not for Heath, the joker at least...hehe...but I wasn’t really satisfied the part that they’ve changed Rachel. Maggie is pretty good but I just miss Katie Holmes. She fits the character as Rachel and about Dent, when I saw his ‘two face’, I was like whoa .It was so creepy and I thought he was going to be the next Joker but my prediction was totally wrong after all but it is almost right because Joker made him a bad guy. Good boy gone bad! Does it sound like rihanna’s album ‘Good girl gone bad’...ha-ha...nah, cut the crap! And it was quite a sad moment when batman took a responsibility for everything and the police have to chase after him...Nah, he didn’t do anything wrong! Oh I almost forgot about these morons. I was sitting at the couple sit in the cinema and there were these people behind me. I do not know whether they got the tickets for free or they did buy tickets to watch this movie because they seemed to be not interested with the movie at all. I can totally accept if you were talking about this movie (but I hate it too) or if you were answering phone calls (it might be an emergency)...but singing in a cinema??? Do not you have manners buddy?? Are you an idol’s contestant or what? It was so rude to sing loudly in a cinema. Even if you didn’t like the movie at all, just keep quiet or else just get out from the hall. We were paying for the same amount to enjoy this movie okay? So be wise! I hope all of you guys, please and please do not sing in a cinema even if you totally hate the movie that u wish u could detonate the cinema. haha...Do consider about other people yaa..! =] but overall,im satisfied with this film..this is a lot more than i have come to expect from a comic book film.. A must-see for Ledger alone, but there's more to it than that..heheh

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