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Sunday, July 20, 2008

taken from their blog..
cuppacakes®. baked fresh on a made to order basis with only the finest, yummiest and freshest ingredients. satisfaction guaranteed with every order.

cuppacakes®. known for fine & exquisite cupcake creations. always defined by our attention to detail, beautiful colours, delicious flavours and forever known for our whimsical & creative approach to cupcake design.

cuppacakes®. great for special celebrations & equally delectable for any other occasions; birthdays, wedding receptions, baby showers, corporate meetings, launches, casual get-togethers, exhibitions, parties etc.

we offer awesome flavours, gorgeous original designs & hundreds of variations for you to choose from. we can also customise your order to your desired preference.

premium cupcakes by cuppacakes® / kuala lumpur, malaysia

n yes..their cupcakes is so delicious n oh so pretty..kawaii,,u cn make order via online as well..n they'll deliver it to u..but only applicable in some areas..but u guys should try me on this ones..delicious + cute + affordable price = cupacakes..wut more do u need?? go get urself some cupacakes..

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