LED Matrix for Halloween

Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm excited when I read this post in Hack A Day website, 70 LED matrix in a Jack-o-lantern style. Well it's not because of Halloween's coming. I don't celebrate Halloween. Ngeh.

But because we had to do the exact same thing for our project sans the pumpkin of course. We have already submitted and presented the project. It was a project of 2 persons under the Digital System Design and Microprocessor Based System Subjects.

Here's how Hack A Day futuristic pumpkin look like displaying Happy Halloween in matrix sytle:

Pic Credit: Hackaday.com

Well if you want to see more or learn more, there's a tutorial at the site and video as well.


Who knows you might wanna do it for this coming Halloween. ;)

Here's what our project look like:

Well I don't have video of this one. Please note that we didn't purposely choose the LEDs in different color. We only used what were given to us. ;) We have to display our name and matric number.

See my name's there, Far..okay, it's Farah actually.

But you can't display it as a whole since that's only 6x12 LED matrix.

But if you put it in a marquee style, you can totally see it.

In HackADay site, they have used microcontroller to write the code. We only used Microp software, Easy68K. The coding is super long, so I'm not gonna put it in here. We need to use decoder as well, so we need to use one decoder of 3x8 74LS138 for the rows of 6 and 2 decoder of 3x8 74LS138 for the columns of 12.

P/s: Maybe it's a good idea to put our project in something like pumpkin. ;) It looks cute anyway!

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