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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I don't really like Taylor Momsen as Jenny in GG, in fact I'm not a fan of her. But I do like some of her band's songs like Make Me Wanna Die, Zombies, and Miss Nothing. Even though I don't really like her, I still enjoy her songs. She has a good voice. I mean she's only 16 but she has this rough strong voice that's perfect for the songs. She can even sing live and her acoustic version is awesome. But please note, that she might annoy you when she's trying so hard to be someone else. I don't know, Courtney Love anyone? Maybe it's just me but it seems like she's fake. No offense. But I do respect her no matter what. We can't judge a person just like that, can we??

So here's the song. Make Me Wanna Die. She did cover a song by Rihanna "Love The Way You Lie", I have to say I like this version better considering I don't like Rihanna. I'm not even a fan of her hit song "Umbrella". But I do know everyone has different view about it. So it does not matter anyway. ;) Enjoy

The acoustic version:

The cover song:

P/s : For a girl at her age, I think she puts on too much make up. But hey whatever, it's not like she's bothering me or what. haha ;)

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