Define gentleman

Monday, October 25, 2010

Well it depends on how you define it but let me list what I think of gentleman

1) When you walk and you see group of women or even a woman is walking towards your line, you move to the next line like you're giving way for them to walk.

2)When you wanna go out in a train, bus, class or anywhere but there's a woman wanna go out at the same time, you let them go first.

3)When you're in public transport, you give seat to a woman who needs it most. I would not ask you to give up your seat if you think you need it.

4)When you see a woman, or group of women who need help, you go and help them.

5)When you're really mad at a woman, instead of yelling, you talk slowly to them i.e. you're able to curb your anger. In fact, don't lose your temper to anyone you like or hate for that matter.

6)When you go to the class for presentation that has no specific turns for presenters, and whenever you want to present, at the same time you see a woman who wants to present as well, meaning here both of you stand up at the same time, you let the woman presents it first!! or at least if you're in a hurry, say something and apologize.

There are actually like thousands of them on how you define gentleman. But you know these little things do take parts as well. And I think little things like this show that you actually care.

I'm sorry if I sound mad but yeah I'm quite mad today seeing oh-not-so gentlemen. ;(

It irks me that there are very few true gentleman remaining these days.

P/s: Some things just touch you so deep.

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