Saturday, December 27, 2008

i stumble upon her in youtube,..and she's so amazing..she has a very great voice and she really expressed her emotions and feelings towards her songs..she wrote songs all by herself and it seems like she's connected with the lyrics and the tunes itself..i love all of her songs,.very meaningful and somehow link to every single thing that happened in our life..she's just another singer that you should eye for..

u can find her in youtube for more songs..

3 response(s):

The Totton Linnet said...

She is totally original in hush hush. Happy new year Whibley

whibley said...

yeah..she is..neway,tanx a lot..u 2 hepy new yr..

sam zone said...

mind blowing superb you are too good angel, i am totally flat on you after seeing your skills, very nice keep it up, and post new videos and pics of yours.
I m lovi'n it.
check it out and please make your valuable comments on it