go go..arsenal..!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

well i dunno wuts wrong wit arsenal lately..but they're seem to be lack of consistency...wut happen..? they got kicked out...n d worst part is they lost to MU..oh damn i hate mu..soryy..!! but i was so depressed when i saw em lost to MU...huu..wuteve it is,i still love arsenal..they r really great actly but it juz they're lackin of consistency n they're seem to be not puttin much effort..but then they're so good when they beat derby for 6-2..dats great..!! n it does pay for all those dissapointment from previous matches..!! dun worry gunners..we can win d title later..!! n i miss henry so much..i wish he wud come back to play 4 arsenal again..who knows ryte?haha..

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