the other boleyn girl..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

well i oready watch dis movie..n suprisingly,i really love dis movie..i give 2 thumbs up for dis..the other boleyn girl is actly a movie adapted from a popular shows us stories bout the boleyn family basically which are mary boleyn(scarlet johannson),anna boleyn(natalie portman) n george boleyn(jim sturgess)..i really love how scarlett n natalie portman brought us to feel this story..their actin were so alive..!! i liked it..n i also begin to like jim sturgess since i watched him in across d universe b4..eric bana is also in this movie where he played henry who is d king of england...he wanted a son who can inherit his kingdom which is england..but then his wife couldnt give him a son..n then he fell in love with mary even its juz for bout 30mins talking..then he wanted mary to have sex wit him which means whoring in public as his mistress...they making love until she got pregnant..n it is a son....unfortunately,anna wants d king so bad cuz she wanted to be d queen of england..cuz actly,anna is d one who got d offer to be king's mistress but henry didnt want her at 1st..but afte she returned from france,she used her brain to tackle n seduce henry..n even ask d king to divorce his queen if he wants her...i think there are a lot to tell so basically i stop till soo lazy to write rite now...haha

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