its my birthday..!! yeah..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

well today is my so glad..but i hate d fact im 20 gettin ol..shit..!! i miss my teen's life where life was so damn crazzzyyyy..!! kya....neway,today isnt a big besday for me since im single now...yeah..compared to last year where i was havin blast on my besday wit my beloved..but not dis year..but hell yeah i dun regret for bein single..i still haf my BESTIES..yaaaa....there r such gud frens...exactly at 12am on 13th may,they knocked my door n suprised me with a besday cake..!!! hehe..never expect dat is comin..i mean d party,,!! yeah..tanx a lot girls..!!! u guys made my day..n tanx million bunch for those who wish me n also gave me d presents..!! tanx a lot..i love it..!!..well im gettin old n can i say more matured havin a big laugh im already 20 now,i wish for myself to be more determined of wut im doin,to be more healthy n yes mybe to find myself a serious lover..nah..dats later i guess..!! but overall,im pretyy glad dat i dun spend my besday alone....!! tanx babes for comin with d cake..!!im happy now..!! contented wit my life now..!! yeah..finally,i learn to say dat,...hahahaha

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