Gossip Girl season 2~ summer,kind of wonderful..watch out upper east side watchers..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Summer,kind of wonderful" is the new title for the very 1st episode of Gossip Girl season 2..I've been waiting for this for quite a moment and I didn't expect it'll come along side one tree hill on 1st September..I've watched the 1st episode and what really surprised me was when i saw Nate dating an older woman..oh..I've never thought of that, not even for a single second..i knew that Nate will be dating someone in this 2nd season and it's not any girl from the 1st season but I'm thinking of someone's younger at least..not that kind of old woman..haha..and I'm always in for the Chair moments..i love Chair..and now things are more interesting when Blair brings back the new boyfriend and that's what makes Chuck became jealous..haha..but the two of them are so meant to be together..oh i mean Chuck and Blair not her new guy,Marcus..haha..i do not wanna talk about Dan & Serena because there's nothing for me to talk about and I'm not a fan of Serena either..huhu..but i can't wait to watch all the episodes but I've to wait for it..ahah..I'm wondering that maybe this season ,will there be more dramas on S & B? and what's up with Jenny? still trying so hard to fit in the society? and Chuck, will he be with Blair and try to give commitment? argh...too many questions in my head right now..I'm glad that my fav show is back so I'm going to be very busy watching this series and one tree hill too..=]

oh not to forget..if you wanna download this series,go to this site:


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