high school musical 3

Sunday, November 9, 2008

omg!..out of the blue,i went to the cinema to watch high school musical 3..can't u believe it? gosh..help me..I've never watched high school musical 1 n 2 till the end..because I'm not into this whole musical kind of thing even though i do love music!..its just not this kind of music..hahha..it started out when my friend begging me to see this movie with her..accompany her because she got free tickets and hell yeah,she is a big fan of HSM..at first,i do not even care about those free tickets but then when she said meals n ride all on her..so why should I miss it right? hahhhaa...even though the movie is quite lame.yeah you know high school musical where there weren't really that much talking involved but just singing and dancing..hehe =]..and believe it or not, almost 90% of the hall filled by kids..yeah kids love HSM including my two little brothers..they love it!..maybe HSM is okay but its just me who do not like the musical thing at all..I still remember the day i went to watch johhny depp's new film in cinema (Sweeney Todd: demon barber of the fleet sreet), i was so excited because i love him but I end up being frustrated in the cinema when I knew it is musical..I didn't even know it at first and I bet most of guys in the hall did not even know it too,..Some of them were also sleeping in the cinema,,haha..I still remember that day where me and friends were laughing a lot because it was just like we were watching some kind of soap opera show..hahha..no offense for those who love musical drama..people have different taste..Some people love it and some of them don't and that includes me..hehehe..despite of me rambling about how much i do not like HSM, there are still a lot of people do like it..In fact,it is on the top of our country's top 10 list...hehe..so i guess HSM really has its own aura! =]

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