i've been busy for the past few weeks

Friday, November 7, 2008

well,im so sorry for not updating my blog..well i have been really busy struggling for my final exams..i do not even have time to check my blog..my mid term results were not that good so i need to focus more on my final exams..well i did,but still i'm not satisfied with my efforts..and this means I am not doing well in my final exams too..ouch! that was so bad..i have no idea but these things,i mean things with my studies(where i've always wish that i could finish covering for all topics before my exams).it never happens though..! i have never finish covering every topics before my exams and I will end up burning the midnight oil days before my exams..and that will totally lead to my self-destruction where i got bad grades..! urghh..I am on my semester break right now but it seems that i just cannot simply enjoy because I'm thrill to death waiting for my results..ouch! being a student is not as easy as it sounds! especially being an engineering students or even worst medic students..argh..sometimes i miss being 15 where every single things is easy..hahha..however i cant regret just because I'm not 15 anymore..life is like this..whatever the consequences will be, i just need to face it..haha..

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