happy chinese new year

Monday, January 26, 2009

happy chinese new year..yeah..today is already Chinese new year..sorry i haven't updating my blog for a while..i totally ignore my blog because I'm really busy these days..as usual,I'm always busy..I guess it's not easy being a student..I check my blog just now,and i accidentally reject a comment from somebody..gosh! I'm really sorry..it was my bad, I thought I click approve,unfortunately it's not..gomen-nasai..haha..by the way,speaking about Chinese new year, this year i haven't felt anything as it was kinda dull and boring..maybe it is because of our economic problem..people tend to save money rather than waste money to buy unnecessary things for new year! I guess that's explains why it was kinda boring or else it maybe due to my age..I'm already 21 right now so there's no time to have fun like years before..yeah..you know,i still remember when I was a kid around 9-12 years old, me and my two brothers always played 'Tanglung' during Chinese new year..as one of my brother went to Chinese school so we had always follow him to play with all of his friends..It was so happening at that time,if i could turn back time..hehe..as a kid,what we always think about is just playing and nothing else..but for now,as we grew older,we have a lot in our minds so we can't really be like kids..they have such a free mind..about a year ago,my youngest brother asked me when he will grow up? he was about 8 years old at that time..He said that he wanted to be like an adult..He asked me is it best to be an adult? and I answered No..totally not..Being an adult,we have so much problem and so much works to do...Sometime,we can't even sleep because of those two major things..Problem and works..! I have always wish I'm still a kid..Life's like this..we will never satisfy with what we have..It's either we want more or we want less..kids always wanted to be adults while adults wish they were still kids..! haha..

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