Missing my good friend..!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finally, I'm home. It’s good to be home. For almost a month, I stayed in my college to do all my assignments and sit for mid term examinations. Though I still have two papers left. I know it's just a month but then what can I say? I'm homesick or should I say room-sick. Because I have always love sitting all day in my room. I miss my mattress so much..=]..And Thanks to Ain Fatihah @ Patie for giving me such a lovely 'Kristy' which is my new kiwi friend. Gosh I miss her so much right now but she already went back to New Zealand. As you can see in the picture, it is Kristy and besides her is the note written by Patie..She said she miss 1) throwing Aaron Kamin back and forth with me 2) talking craps and music stuffs with me 3) stalking cute fellas with me and 4) pretending to solve math question in class!..Oh my my. I miss those days when we were still in school. It’s funny when she actually remembered about throwing Aaron Kamin...haha...no offense Aaron but i want Alex!..Haha...I miss talking craps and music stuffs with her too since in college, I didn't find anybody who shares the same music interest with me.I miss singing with her...Stalking cute fellas is like a-must for us..Haha...and then drooling over cute guys...haha...really miss those days! Pretending to solve math question??? Hahaha...this one was really funny...As we were desk mates back in school, we have lots to talk so we're always talking in class even in math class...and whenever our teacher came by us to check whether we have solved the problem or not, quickly we took our own calculator and pretending that we're actually solving the problem...The funny moment was when one day when our teacher came to us, he asked us something like "Are you done with the calculation? "..And as usual, we grabbed our calculator and pretend to solve it! Then our teacher said "as far as I concern, this topic does not require you to use a calculator because it's based on graph and table from text book”. Then he laughed and all of our classmates burst out laughing too. Shame on us! Haha...now I can't really tell how much I miss those precious times with her...=]

3 response(s):

sNowStaRzZ.. said...

huhuhu.. aku tak leh kut wat camtu coz kat skool dulu cikgu math aku tu memang suka concentre lebih kat aku... huhuhu..

whibley said...

oh yekerw? fyi, ak duk 2nd row kutt weyh..dy pn pay attention gak kt kitorg tp dy cm mls lyn kitorg sb kitorg asyik nk burak gak je..haha..dy super baek gle..klu cm sir Jamal,mmg da kne kick lame da..haha

ain_patieha said...

i'm so touched :')
hehehhe lawakkkk pasal calculator tu!! akan igt smpi bile2 hahahah