Humanoid robot from JAPAN

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Japanese are ahead from the rest of the world when it comes to robots. As they possess one of the leading robotics industries in the world, they have come out with the latest robot which is humanoid robot. The Institute of Industrial Technology Agency has developed a robot which is the closest to human behavior. It is so amazing and what more important is the robot herself will soon strut her stuff down a Tokyo catwalk. Humanoid Research Group of the Intelligent System Research Division headed by Chief Research Group Mr Kazita Syuuzi and the Chairman of Institute of Industrial Technology Agency, Mr Hiroyuki Yoshikawa has developed a humanoid robot. The humanoid robot code-named, HRP-4C has a height of 158cm, weight 43kg (including battery) and achieves the walk and behavior which is very close to that of a female and also has a voice recognition device to respond to human commands. This female robot is so stunning and she has the same weight with me but I’m shorter than her. Basically the idea of inventing this robot was for application in the entertainment industry. It is also to be made available for fashion shows. I have always into robots and I like this girlie-faced or manga-inspired robot with shoulder length hair-do. Based on what I have read from other sources in web, this cute robot is not going to take any supermodels or models job anytime soon because of her stiff performances on the runway. Therefore, all models no need to worry about being replaced by this multimillion dollar robot. This robot will cost you approximately $US3million in case you wish to have one of your own.

4 response(s):

snowstarzz said...

wah.. giler ar diorang ni.. agak2 kita biler dah grad nanti leh tak wat benda camni.. emm bagus betul lah.. ni yang makin semangat nak wat trip ke jepun ni..

Project Savior said...

Since they are doing this in Japan I wonder how long it will be before they have a realistic robot dress up like a bug on a game show.

zunnur said...

Things we used to watch in movies those days are slowly coming into real life :)

whibley said... slowly becoming real..hahaha..ain,hopefully ley la uat cmtu..