legally 21

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hahah..Finally, I am legally 21...weird and I am not really excited about being 21. It means I am older now and I need to be serious which I am totally not! Haha
I know I have been neglecting my blog for quite a while. It is not that I do not have free time; I do have lots of it. It is just that I do not know what I should write in my blog.haha.
Yesterday was my birthday and I happen to take a look at my horoscope. Weird but I think almost every single description about how a Taurean should be is true. Here is some part of the article that I have read:

“For centuries, the bull has been a symbol of strength, tenacity, virility, and power. Left alone, a bull will happily graze; but if it is bothered, it will charge! Similarly, the Taurus personality is thought to be calm and peaceful, but when their anger is aroused, their temper can be wicked. Taureans are often quite disturbed by sudden changes--they prefer their lives stable and secure.Taureans are thought to be persevering, strong individuals, who can also be quite "bull-headed". They can be dogged and determined when they have a goal in mind. Taureans are also quite sensual and, often, self-indulgent "beasts”. The glyph for Taurus, quite simply, represents the bull's head and horns.”

I honestly think it is true. It also said that Taurean is a very stubborn. My mom has always tell me how stubborn I am and it’s really hard to correct me when I’m wrong because usually I do not want to admit that I am wrong. Well it’s like my nature, it’s hard for me to admit that I am wrong even if I do because it will be like I’m losing in a competition and I hate losing. But I do admit my wrong sometimes. I have this huge ego in myself and I still remember there was this one guy once asked me to lose my ego so that people can befriend with me easily and he can love me happily. I do not know but I replied to him “I could not lose my ego, and not to you, I am truly sorry!” Maybe he was not for me after all. So do not expect me to lose my ego when I am not ready just yet. Maybe someday, I will change and I do believe in that. =]

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