Kate Voegele's new album--> A Fine Mess

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here is another talented singer from One Tree Hill television series apart from Bethany Joy Galleoti. I have always loved her on the show. I still remember the first time I saw her on the series where she was one of the band members lead by K-Fed. I was like “Is that K-Fed? Kidding me.” How on earth did he manage to be on the show? He cannot act except for acting declaring his unconditionally love to Britney. No offense, K-Fed. Enough about him let me talk about this beautiful and lovely girl. Her newest album is called ‘A Fine Mess’. I saw her on E! talking about her latest album and she said she called it A Fine Mess because she is in a mess now but its fine. There are a lot of things happened around her and yet she is still manage to lead a happy and enjoyable life. It was something like that because I cannot remember her exact words. I have listened to her latest album and voila I still love her. She has this beautiful voice and she is honest when it comes to lyrics. Yeah, she wrote her own music and her own lyrics that obviously triple my interest to her. I do appreciate musician like her who always write his or her own music and lyrics. However this new album does not differ much from her previous one. I do not know but sometimes I wish she put her acoustic version on her album because I really like when she sang acoustic version of her songs. I have put One Tree Hill montage video which featured her as Mia Catalano and Stephen Colleti as Chase. Oh sweet heaven, they are sweet being together on the show. I love the couple and you know how much I adore Stephen Colleti before on Laguna Beach. Talking about Stephen reminds me of his ex, Kristin Cavalleri. Rumors said that she would be taking Lauren Conrad’s (LC) place on hit show The Hills. Okay back to Kate Voegele’s album. I like songs like 99 times, Sweet Silver Lining and Manhattan From The Sky, just to name a few. All of her songs are so meaningful and oh by the way, you can listen to all of her songs streaming in full on her Myspace page. Go check this lady out. =] love you Kate!


One Tree Hill "Manhattan From The Sky" Montage

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